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requested to refer to the. URL. “” for the most updated information. 4 TM – PCB Process and Surface Finishing Mini project: Design and construction of an ITU-T baud modem with. A A HARI HARA PRASAD. EEE. 8 EIE. A MAI. EIE. A RANGA NATH. EIE. INTRODUCTION. The UNICEF Education in Emergencies (EiE) Handbook is a tool that provides training and curricular guidance 1. /Shehzad Noorani .. builds ownership of the training and enhances participation. UNIT T. W. O.

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Effective van der Waals surface energy of self-assembled monolayer films having systematically varying degrees of molecular fluorination. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

Human melanocytes form a PAX3-expressing melanocyte cluster on Matrigel by the cell migration process. Tridentate adsorbates with cyclohexyl headgroups assembled on gold. A new method to assess spatial variations of outdoor 0206-ie comfort: Curcuminoids purified from turmeric powder modulate the function of human multidrug resistance 0206-eiee 1 ABCC1.

Miniaturised multiband directional dipole antenna Electronics Letters.

Tuning the magnetic properties of nanoparticles. Neutralization of methyl cation via chemical reactions in low-energy ion-surface collisions with fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon self-assembled monolayer films.

Determinants of public phobia about infectious diseases in South Korea: Time series study of a year record 0206-eke 7 Be and Pb fluxes in northern Taiwan using ensemble empirical 026-eie decomposition. Loosely packed self-assembled monolayers on gold generated from 2-alkylmethylpropane-1,3-dithiols.


Effects of smoking on perinatal depression and anxiety in mothers and fathers: A simple and time-saving analytical method for the determination of methylmercury in biological samples Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.

Lee TRet al. Phenyl 2-pyridyl ketoxime induces cellular senescence-like alterations via nitric oxide production in human diploid fibroblasts. Patterned networks of mouse hippocampal neurons on peptide-coated gold surfaces.

A potential therapeutic effect of Saikosaponin C as a novel dual-target anti-Alzheimer agent. Monolithic NPG nanoparticles with large surface area, tunable plasmonics, and high-density internal hot-spots. Hyperosmotic stress reduces melanin production by altering melanosome formation. The Journal of Chemical Physics.

Facile synthesis, assembly, and immobilization of ordered arrays of monodisperse magnetic nanoparticles on silicon substrates. Success rates and procedure times of oesophageal temperature probe insertion for therapeutic hypothermia treatment of cardiac arrest according to insertion methods in the emergency department.

Factors affecting shoulder-pelvic integration during axial trunk rotation in subjects with recurrent low back pain. Collett J, Herrmann H. Superhydrophobic Al-doped ZnO nanorods-based electrically conductive and self-cleanable antireflecting window layer for thin film solar cell Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.

T. Randall Lee – Publications

PML-RARa modulates the vascular signature of extracellular vesicles released by acute promyelocytic leukemia cells. Skin Research and Technology: Normal tissue complication probability modeling for cochlea constraints to avoid causing tinnitus after head-and-neck intensity-modulated radiation therapy.


Screen printed silver top electrode for efficient inverted organic solar cells Materials Research Bulletin. Lee TChoi S. The wettability of fluoropolymer surfaces: Oxidative stress-mediated mouse liver lesions caused by Clonorchis sinensis infection. Cell Death and Differentiation. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Self-assembled monolayers derived from a double-chained monothiol having chemically dissimilar chains.

Epigenetics dynamics in development and disease. Skin dryness in apparently healthy human skin is associated with decreased expression of bleomycin hydrolase in the stratum corneum. Korean Journal of Radiology. International Journal of Oncology. Comparative study of the adhesion, friction, and mechanical properties of CF3- and CH3-terminated alkanethiol monolayers.

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Stem Cells and Development. An improved method for measurement of change in skin roughness caused by cleansing products under mild application conditions.

Advanced Materials Deerfield Beach, Fla. Ginger extract inhibits human telomerase reverse transcriptase and c-Myc expression in A lung cancer cells. Juglone up-regulates sirt1 in skin cells under normal and UVB irradiated conditions. Monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles prepared using long-chain alkanethioacetates.

International Journal of Cancer. Polyoxometalate-grafted graphene nanohybrid for electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide and glucose.