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No part of this documentation may bereproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work such as translation,transformation, or adaptation without written permission from 3Com Technologies.

Manua the Help menu, select Contents. These are shielded RJ data sockets. They cannotbe used as standard traditional telephone sockets, or to connect the unit to atraditional PBX or public telephone 4226g.

Only connect RJ dataconnectors, network telephony systems, or network telephones to thesesockets. The default state for these ports is auto-negotiation enabled, wherespeed, duplex and flow control modes are negotiated. Because the speedand duplex modes are fixed by the media type, only the flow control isnegotiated with the link partner.

Alternatively, auto-negotiation can bedisabled and the flow control setting can be manually configured. YellowA 10 or Mbps link is present and the port is enabled.

It covers the following topics: You must manuql the screws supplied with the mounting brackets.

Download free pdf for 3Com SuperStack 3 T Switch manual

Damagecaused to the unit by using incorrect screws invalidates your warranty. If you are placing Switch units one on top of the other, you must use theself-adhesive rubber pads supplied. You willthen not be able to use that port again until the link is lost on that port.

Table 6 shows possiblecolors for the LED. OffThe Switch is not receiving power.

3Com SUPERSTACK 4226T user manual

If you want to make a connection to another MDIXport, you need a cross-over cable. Many ports on workstations andservers are configured as MDI straight-through. If you want to make aconnection to an MDI port, you need to use a standard straight-throughcable. This section applies to the SuperStack 3 Switch G only. GBIC transceivers are hot-insertable and hot-swappable. Attach a male duplex SC connector on the network manhal into the duplexSC connector on the transceiver.


However, to make full use ofthe features offered by the Switch, and to change and monitor the way itworks, you have to access the management software that resides on theSwitch. This is known as managing the Switch. Thewhole setup process is summarised in Figure 8. Detailed procedural stepsare contained in the sections that follow.

The Switchremembers the information that you enter until you change it again orset the configuration method to Automatic.

When using automatic IP configuration it is important that the IP addressof the Switch is static, otherwise you will not know what the Kanual address isand it will be difficult to manage. Connecting to a front panel port — Connect a workstation using anEthernet cable to a front panel port of the Switch.

Figure 9 Connecting a workstation to the Switch via a front panel portTo connect the cable: If you have logged on correctly, a set of Getting Started pages aredisplayed. This software allows you to communicatewith the Switch via the console mannual directly, or through a modem. The settings should beset to match the default maual for the Switch, which are: You can find pin-out diagrams for both cables in Appendix B on manuxl As soon asa network connection is made the Switch 42226t the automatic IPconfiguration process.

The automatic IP configuration process usually completes within oneminute. A summary of the automatically allocated IPinformation is displayed. Make a note of the Network IP Address. The initial set up of your Switch is now complete and the Switch is readyfor you to set up your chosen management method. These featuresare enabled on a browser by default.

You will only need to enable them ifyou have changed your browser settings. There is also an explanation of IPaddressing. If the connection is secure and there is still no power, youmay have a faulty power cord or an internal fault.


To do this, remove and reconnect all power supplies. Warnings contain directions that you must follow for yourpersonal safety. Follow all directions carefully. You must read the following safety information carefully before youinstall or remove the unit. Installation and removal of the unit must be carried out byqualified personnel only.

If manyal the Switch Series unit in a stack withSuperStack II or SuperStack 3 units that are narrower than the Series, the Switch Series unit must be installed below the narrowerunits. The unit must be earthed grounded.

The socket outlet must be near to the unit and easilyaccessible. You can only remove power from the unit by disconnectingthe power cord from the outlet. Mznual conditions are only maintained ifthe equipment to which it is connected also operates under SELVconditions. Fiber Optic ports – Optical SafetyNever look at the transmit laser while it is powered-up. Never lookdirectly at the fiber ports and fiber cable ends when they 422t6. Use of controls or adjustments of performance orprocedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardouslaser emissions.

Warranty and other service benefits are enabled through productregistration. Register your product at http: Thisquery-based interactive tool is located athttp: If yourproduct is registered and under warranty, you can obtain an RMAnumber online at http: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference when the equipment is operated mxnual a commercial environment.

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