A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, ( kramasampurna) and has the same notes in the Avarohanam, as its descent. 72 MELAKARTA RAGAS PDF – A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, (kramasampurna) and has the. Start studying 72 melakarta ragas. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Skipped notes or repeated notes, etc. The original system is supposed to avoid such ill-effects and was followed by the Muthuswami Dikshitar school.


The naming of the original system followed Katapayadi system. Later Govindacharya came up with a more mathematical and regular system of 72 ragas, which is currently considered fundamental ragas musical scales in Carnatic music South Indian classical music.

These melakarta ragas were sampurna ragas. Some of the names of the ragas had to be modified to fit into the Katapayadi system. In the Asampurna Melakarta system, there is no ragxs rule for the ragas in contrast to the currently used system of Melakarta ragas.


The mela system of ragas was first propounded by Raamamaatya in his work Svaramelakalanidhi c. He is considered the father of mela system of ragas. Rragas Venkatamakhin expounded in the 17th century in his work Caturdandi Prakaasikaa a new mela system known today as melakarta. The controversial parts relate to double counting of R2 and similar swaras and his exclusive selection of madyamas for which there is no specific reasoning also known as asampurna melas as opposed to sampurna ragas.

However, today the 72 melakarta ragas use a standardized pattern, jelakarta Venkatamakhin’s pattern, and have gained significant following.

Asampurna Melakarta – Wikipedia

Govindhacharya is credited with standardization of rules and giving a different name for such standard ragas, which have different structure but same swaras as that proposed by Venkatamakhin. Meakarta 72 melakarta ragas are split into 12 groups called chakraseach containing 6 ragas. The ragas within the chakra differ only in the dhaivatham and nishadham notes D and Njelakarta illustrated below. The name of each of the 12 chakras suggest their ordinal number as well. The 72 melakarta ragas [1] [5] can be divided into two parts: See Katapayadi sankhya for more information on how to derive the various swaras of a raga from its melakarta number.

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See swaras in Carnatic music for explanation of the notations like Melxkarta, G2, N2, etc.

72 Melakarta Ragas – Kalpakkam Sangeetha Sabha

Govindacharya learnt the 72 melakartz scheme above of Venkatamakin and later proposed the symmetrical scales that is more in vogue today in terms of the official Melakarta scheme. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Carnatic music Tanjavur-style Tambura. For currently formally accepted Melakarta system, see Melakarta.

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Vativasantabhairavi [1] Dhativasantabhairavi [2] [3].