Sorry if you think I’m having a go, but a good guide should explain the options and why exactly you might want to enable them, but abgx I thought i would put an ABGX tutorial together for us all, to show the settings that need to be applied to create a perfect backup thats safe to use. Is there an abgx tutorial to setup or is it just the same as as I noticed there is box for Show Avatar Awards [ATTACH].

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If you sign in in that profile a and the flag gets sent to MS then yes. Apr 20, 57 0 long island new york. Are gamertags that were associated with a flagged console also in jeopardy? May 26, 14 0. Am I going to be flagged if I connect? What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. Don’t boot games that fail topology checks. Well, since the Xbone tutodial been released.

Then search Terminal for “topology” and keep tapping through all the results, flicking through the matches quickly will make failed topology stand out against all the passed ones which look the same.

Mark Channels Read Member List. After you selected the ISO, click on launch and sit back a few minutes. And the tutorial link is RickRoll’D. So I’m flagged and get console banned, qbgx360 console will continue to run as normal just online connectivity will be completely disabled?


Aug 3, 90 0 0. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. I think I understand now. However, redownloading the GT on a new will undo the corrupted GT issue. Thanxs for the info, i always feel better when i have something to check my settings to. Aug 18, 1 0 Newfoundland. Only remove online functionality. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. What a bunch of arseholes.

ABGX tutorial – iXtreme LT+

Double check that you have the options all set up correctly. I’m getting an internal server error. Thanks for clearing this up, hope this helps some other users with regards to the point of doing the ABGX in the first place.

Do them all in one big patch, then quickly scroll through the results to look for green. So lets get started, go ahead and open ABGX and hit the options tab, you will be presented with a screen like this, make sure you tick all the highlighted boxes shown below. Similar threads with keywords: Tuyorial if you care about XBLive then wait until the game is verified. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Feb 24, 6, 8, 0 California, USA. Log in or Sign up. It should always check topology data.

It’s a simple case of load iso, patch, done. Can I still be flagged and update the dash fine only to sometime later be console banned?

I dun think MS would ban you for AP2. Atleast a mate of mine was also flagged abgz360 his profile showed up corrupted on his other when he copied it with an USB drive.

Aug 24, The left side. Search in titles only. I followed the guide and all worked perfectly: I would also like to ask: Page 1 of 3. Am I marked in my console?

Stealth patching with ABGX360

It will not tuforial it. However, without the topology data in place, games wouldn’t boot normally. I guess I’ll have to live with never really knowing if my earlier actions have flagged any of the consoles I’ve worked on. Just doing them all overnight and then searching the results for the word “failed” and “topology” would have been much easier.

Separate names with a comma.