Seed -. Cite as: Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. Achyrocline+satureioides>. Introducción: Achyrocline satureioides es una planta que ha sido ampliamente utilizada en la medicina popular y los estudios experimentales confirman sus. Three Achyrocline satureioides (AS) inflorescences extracts were characterized: ( i) a freeze-dried extract prepared from the aqueous extractive.

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Cell culture protection and in vivo neuroprotective capacity of flavonoids. Spectrophotometric measurement of experimental brain injury. Stroke epidemiology in the developing world.

Achyrocline satureioides – Wikipedia

The standard of achyrobichalcone was isolated from inflorescences of A. Herbal medicines use during pregnancy: Data on the behavior, infarction volume and cellular counts were statistically analyzed and the differences between the means of different experimental groups were analyzed by one way analysis of variance ANOVA followed by Tukey-Kramer test for multiple comparisons.

In order to correct for edema differences in brain volumes in each experimental group, stereological procedures were used. Determination of the estrous cycle phases of rats: The gastrointestinal propulsion of a charcoal suspension was not affected significantly by any extract, at a dose of mg kg-1 p. Male and female Wistar rats day-old were obtained from our breeding colony.

Diferencias varietales em los flavonoides de Achyrocline satureioides Lam. Investigations on its chemical composition showed that the extract obtained from achjrocline is rich in flavonoids, mainly quercetin and luteolin [ 189 ]. Nevertheless, these aspects together with experiments with a satureioiees fraction flavonoid of AS are part of our present work, which is intended to provide more data on the role played by flavonoid in the observed effects.


The ethanolic macerate inhibited contractions induced by acetylcholine, histamine, noradrenaline and barium chloride in four different smooth muscle tissues. However, administration of the extract markedly reduced the LPS-induced adherence of leukocytes to the vessel wall of the mesentery network Figure 3 b. Several flavonoids have been shown to cross the hemato-placental barrier to accumulate in fetal tissue [ 23 ], and adaptations made by the fetus to cope with inappropriate nutrition may lead to morphological and physiological changes that persist into postnatal life [ 24 ].

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The instrumental parameters were optimized, and the method was adopted per a previous report [ 21 ]. Achyroclines satureioidesquercetin, permanent focal ischemia. No lesion was observed in the groups without pMCAo control, AS decoction for 7, 14 and 21 days and in sham operated animals data not shown.

Levels of enzymatic activity are considered an important factor that protects organs against the deleterious effect of potential toxicants [ 39 ], and our results showed that GST, CAT, and SOD activity in maternal livers were significantly increased. Selective acnyrocline of plasma Kallikrein protects brian from reperfusion injury.

Pharmacological investigations on Achyrocline satureioides (LAM.) DC., Compositae.

Our result showed that plasma bioavailability of quercetin was increasing along the experiment acgyrocline it is likely that the same happens in the brain. In the present study, we characterized the chemical composition, antioxidant properties, and antimicrobial activities exerted by dried A. Neves de oliveira, M.

View at Google Scholar H. J Pharmacol Experimental Therapeutics. Gastrodia elata Blume and an active component, p-Hydrobenzyl alcohol reduce focal ischemic brain injury through antioxidant related gene expressions. In ischemic satureioives Fig.


In this context, the acnyrocline of this study was to investigate the chemical profile, the antioxidant potential in vitro, and the antimicrobial activity of A. Cell death was not detected in vehicle-incubated cells, excluding the action of alcohol in the toxic effect data not shown. View at Google Scholar.

Pharmacological investigations on Achyrocline satureioides (LAM.) DC., Compositae.

These standard conditions were maintained throughout the experiments. Nissl staining showed a higher percentage of preserved neuronal population and the Fluoro-Jade showed a decreased of the neurons in degeneration. Importantly, no significant changes between the control animals and the AS- treated group in terms of the increase of body weight or intake of food and decoction were quantified and the preparation was well accepted by the experimental animals.

TTC is a sensitive histochemical indicator of mitochondrial respiratory enzyme function.

AS is considered a promising medicinal plant, which has been used for a long time in folk medicine, and is also a designated official vegetable drug in the Brazilian Pharmacopeia [ 3 ]. Open in a separate window.

The limits of detection and quantitation were determined using the equations described in the International Council for Harmonization guidelines. Find satureuoides by Alexandre Kleber Silveira. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to achyrodline the effect of supplementation with AS extract during pregnancy and lactation on redox parameters in Wistar rat dams and their offspring.