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Regulator produces stable 5V but only when there is no load connected. When I try to connect 5Ohms resistor to the output, voltage drops below 2V.

I use 22uH cat4060 and 22uF ceramic resistor. When I tried to replace inductor to 10uH It was a little bit better but the problem still existed. But usually in the datasheet you find additional information how to choose the right inductor. Did you follow the rules? We are talking about a well designed PCB dztasheet Breadboard gives no meaningful results. Of course everything is soldered on PCB. Datasheeet is wasting our time. When I open the datasheet, then there is a complete chapter called ” Inductor selection”.

And as expected they show the saturation current requirement. I will replace the inductor and let know the results. Additionally I figured out that when I connect load 5 Ohm resistor SMPS chip warming up very fast and it persist even if I then disconnect load as well as voltage drop.

To restore It to “normal state” I have to replug power supply – then everything seems to be OK without any load. I’ve tried lots of things but not eliminating problem.

I must say, breadboards are eerie places with phantom frequencies appearing all over the place, like an echo chamber, not good to begin with. I’m wondering if I haven’t undercalculated switch gate drive, which could count as h. I noticed that “slow” op amp gives calculated 5Vout, much faster op xatasheet gives an unwanted 7Vout. No idea why, maybe guess b affects that. I’m convinced that incorrect or lack of compensation contributes to this a lot, but no doubt I’m wrong, ‘though compensation is a must-have for regulated outputs.


ACT datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Some SMPS need a minimum load, don’t they? Can you get 1A out of that chip? Originally Posted by d There is a problem when datasgeet a datasheet. It should be small that the reader can go through it within minutes and easily find the informations Many manufacturers therefore split those informations into several documents.

ACT4060 Datasheet PDF

dafasheet The datasheet itself, application notes, design notes, other informations and often a design kit which include a PCB. A switching regulator is far more complex for the designer to understand than a linear regulator. It is table with a wide range of capacitace value. The inductance for example: Often even for an experienced designer it is hard to find all the necessary informations in online shops.

Often the only solution is to go through the inductor datasheets and the find the informations in tables, charts, text This isn’t a task for some minutes. I know, the recommendation for a “good PCB layout” sounds so simple, but I avt4060 it isn’t.

So much details to take care of. We all needed to go through it. So don’t give up. Try to go dztasheet by step. Try to make it work.

I redesigned power supply module and put it on separate PCB, and now It seems that everything work without any problems.


Output voltage is very stable and SMPS doesn’t warm up even on load. Unfortunately I’m not sure what is the reason of my problem – probably messy PCB layout. I have to fit whole device on really small PCB and want to avoid previous mistakes. A wrong PCB layout can have these effects. Similar Threads Drop voltage in datashete of LM 3.

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