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Air Force Instruction (AFI) Emergency Management (EM) Planning and Operation, dated 24 Jan And AFMC Supplement 1. Start studying AFI AF EM Program Planning and Operations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Emergency Management; and Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Emergency. Management Program Planning and Operations.

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Provide justification for support agreements between host and tenant units for CBRNE defense training and EM exercise support and participation. Support installations will issue both training and real-world assets to personnel at subordinate GSUs.

The command post alerts and recalls the EOC and notifies both higher headquarters and local civil authorities Response begins when the First Responders deploy. This strategy includes training and equipping personnel, identifying shortfalls and limiting factors and developing or reviewing installation and joint support plans The EM program must integrate with other efforts, such as physical security, critical infrastructure protection and preventive medicine, to provide the total force preparedness against all threats.

The recovery phase restores the area and operations to normal conditions. The commander must direct actions that determine the extent of contamination and damage. Plan for worst-case scenarios for those natural disasters that could occur on or near the installation.

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Mitigation also includes developing and testing the shelter program to provide the best available physical protection for personnel from the effects of an attack. Only one event ma – Command. Installation functional support is listed in Attachment 2 through Aif 4.


Long-term recovery may include cleanup and restoration Mitigation. PAR teams are organized, trained and equipped by the unit.

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In addition, commanders use hazard mitigation to plan, prepare and respond effectively to a given hazard. The NRP was developed to establish a comprehensive, national, all-hazards approach to incident management across a spectrum of activities.

Response ends with the completion of fire or hazard suppression, emergency rescue, transportation of casualties to medical treatment facilities, securing of classified material or components and isolation of hazards The IC decides whether to evacuate personnel from the hazard area or to shelter-in-place. Scope This publication provides joint doctrine for the military More information. The protective mask also protects the respiratory tract from radioactive particles.

During the notification phase, establish C2, notify the installation populace and response agencies, protect materials and facilities, consider sheltering or evacuating personnel, coordinate with civil authorities and begin collecting data for reports During response, maintain C2, assess damage, conduct fire fighting, conduct search and rescue, prevent illness and injury, care for casualties, establish cordons, protect property, restore utilities and communications and continue collecting data for reports Evacuation is defined in Attachment 1.

Examples include HAZMAT 10-2051, fire departments, emergency medical services, public health offices, law enforcement agencies, environmental agencies, 100-2501 firms, emergency management and contractor response and remediation services According to DODI installations use MAAs to define responsibilities, document the services and resources 110-2501 exchange, and define mutual understandings between agencies that have similar roles in differing jurisdictions.

This instruction also includes guidance to plan, conduct, and evaluate Air Force EM exercises. Subject to its capabilities, the IRB may be tasked to do the following: The Installation Commander should ensure that existing base shelters and facility shelter plans are evaluated to implement shelter in-place protection. Most courses in this chapter are currently conducted and evaluated in a traditional instructor-led classroom or field afu.


For example, advanced aerospace materials used in some aircraft can release composite fibers that are a known hazard to the respiratory tract, eyes and skin and can cause electrical equipment to arc and short.

Examples of actions to take include implementing. The PWG may establish study teams and assign research and analysis actions. 10-250 personnel involved in the recovery actions should be allowed outside until hazards have been identified and marked. Air Force Adi Management Program. The installation should begin tracking all support expenditures as soon as response begins and continue until response ends. Major accident prevention includes many actions covered by Air Force programs such as the Safety Program IAW AFI Although the Air Force EM program emphasizes the other phases of incident management, the prevention phase can save lives and minimize the need to use resources to respond and recover afk major accidents Preparedness.

The table is provided to assist with equipment planning and budgeting only. Management of Domestic Incidents Purpose 1 To enhance the ability of aci. The ECC may 10-251 virtual until a central facility can be established.

Supplemented by other courses and instructors in the specific areas the members evaluate. Supplement or rotate consumable supplies and shelf-life-coded equipment with day-to-day operating stocks Zfi commanders must ensure unit material, including material in bulk storage, is properly maintained and inventoried.