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Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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Execute risk handling, including mitigation actions promptly. Assure component compatibility with the integration environment. Feedback The purpose of feedback is primarily three-fold. The transition to production plans are comprehensive management plans that describe all production-related activities that must be accomplished during design, test, and low-rate initial production to ensure a smooth aif from development to rate production.

Requirements reflect immediate operational needs and the ability to support likely future needs.

The Risk Management process area can best be described by the following goals and practices. Document the team membership, its leaders, resources and other constraints. The Project Planning process area can best be described by the following goals and practices.

Develop and document adi and criteria to support military utility assessments by the operational test activity. The combination of a decrease in funding and the drawdown of forces at home and abroad has placed greater demand on Air 63-5001 assets.

Statement of Task 51 Appendix B: Ready to take your reading offline? Specify control characteristics for each item e. Systems Engineering References Many systems engineering process 63-51 and models exist that describe best practices in accomplishing systems engineering.

Certification of readiness to test before entering a formal product validation phase should be accomplished by the project manager. Establish deficiency feedback, root cause analysis, and corrective action mechanisms.

Project Planning leads project members to think about and define all the activities required to achieve the goals agi the project. It is based on an analysis of the needs of the project. CMG3P2 Perform configuration audits to maintain integrity of the configuration baselines Description: Document the final decision with associated rationale and risks.



Detail the logical and physical interfaces between product-components. Change requests address not only new or changed requirements e.

Describe all production-related activities that must be accomplished to ensure a smooth transition from development to rate production. Managing product and product-component interfaces must start very early in the development of the product.

Risk identification and estimation of probability ari occurrence and impact, particularly for those risks involved in meeting performance requirements, schedules, and cost targets, largely determine the acquisition strategy.

Develop a schedule of events and significant accomplishments against a timescale. Product interoperates with the enabling systems that will be present in the operational environment VG5P2 Analyze and document the results of the validation activities Version September 74 Version September Description: RG4P3 6-3501 and maintain bidirectional traceability between requirements and work products Description: This supports the project planning activities on the occasions when some elements of the acquisition or life cycle may be out of the control of a particular acquisition organization.

The acquirer is responsible for defining and baselining the requirements levels under its control and also monitoring the suppliers definition of the lower level ari. Define tasks in the WBS for the work of the project to include activities performed by the acquirer as well as the suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure the planning effort covers 6-501 full scope.

The software estimates have been verified to be consistent with the program budget and schedule.

Objectives may be derived from other plans e. Assessment team members should leave this meeting with a clear understanding of the effort before them, their individual role and responsibilities, the resources available, and the schedule. Combined, these adi form the foundation for SE process discipline that leads to repeatable excellence in product life-cycle management and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Develop procedures and guidelines for evaluating and selecting qualified manufacturers.

Additionally to stakeholders, human system integration experts can review alternatives for usability, safety, survivability and with respect to other human requirements and considerations.


It is generally recognized that the end of the Cold War caused a rapid decline in the 63-5501 of staff qfi the level of expertise possessed by the Air Force at its centers for research, development, acquisition, and maintenance. Quantify the risk probability and consequence in terms of cost and schedule. Identify required manpower quantity and type and personnel qualifications education, training, skills and experience.

RG1P2 Establish and maintain concepts of operations and support that define the operational capability required Version September 46 Version September Description: Ensure that adi product-component required to assemble the product has been properly identified, functions according to its description, and that the product-component interfaces comply with the applicable interface definition.

VG4P5 Establish and maintain a documented plan for validation Description: Typical life cycle choices include single-step acquisition, evolutionary incremental, or evolutionary spiral. CMG2 Establish and maintain technical baselines while managing change. Typical activities include defining the formal procedures to be used, such as the creation of documents, diagrams, or meetings to discuss the important issues, the objectives to be met, and the strategies to be followed and an understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Other Considerations Other considerations are detailed 63-5011 that provide guidance for interpreting and implementing a practice.

Design products, manufacturing processes and tooling to minimize the potential for incorrect manufacturing and assembly i.

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Identify constraints on implementation. Identify and monitor requirements for system disposal or migration to long term storage. Develop a sfi technical data package for the product or product-component to support development and sustainment. Document unknowns or assumptions made about the solution, including observations that support or disprove those assumptions.