AILET Answer Key is generally required by the students who have written the AILET exam to check for their answers. The AILET Answer Key. Schools – AILET Analysis Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The CLAT paper came almost along the expected lines as. of the AILET (NLU Delhi) paper for the benefit of all our students. The reasoning based questions were mainly fromthe law of torts and.

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Most of the questions were direct and could be answered easily with direct reference to the passage.

AILET Question Paper

International law was conspicuous by absence, while knowledge of IPR was tested on copyright, trademarks and licenses. Questions testing knowledge of Personalities, World Days and International Organizations constituted quesiton rest of the section. Vis a Vis- face to face or in relation to 3. A couple of questions required careful reading.

Each question carried 1 mark and there was no negative marking for wrong answers. All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by Quesyion Launcher. Each question carried 1 mark. The questions in the legal knowledge section were, however, mostly based on Contracts and the Constitution of India.


Basically the n th term was n n. There was one Reading Comprehension passage, followed by 10 questions, two of which were synonym-based. The space vehicle on which Chandrayan-I was launched.

Henry Dunant His birthday was on 8th May Borris Gelfand is from which country?

A thing which is absolutely true. There were at least a couple of questions here which did not have the right answer qudstion any of the options. The difficulty level was relatively lower.

AILET 2013 Question Papers with Answer Key

There were no questions on syllogisms. In the question set based on Octagon Table, only six persons were to be arranged while the options had eight persons in a probable attempt to confuse the students. CL students would not have faced any problems due to their familiarity with the material and mocks, enabling them to achieve a respectable score in this section.

J B Kriplani The knowledge based questions were from areas including but not limited to Constitutional law, Law Commission, Treaties, Definitions from concepts of law etc. Sushil Kumar is associated with which sport? If the shorter pole is 10 m and the distance between the tops of the two poles is 5 m, what is the area enclosed by the figure?

Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The founder of Red Cross Society was?: As reported by the students, none of the option was Carlos Slim is from which country?: There were not less than four questions which were taken verbatim from CLAT Old Stone Age There were quite a few questions on Grammar with many Qufstion based on prepositions.


A score of would be considered as good. Series based questions were also present in good number. Which state touches the boundry of Uttar Pradesh and Chhatisgarh? Total number of High Courts in India is: Qiestion I Law Schools: Fibonacci Series Here every term, starting with the third one, is the sum of the previous two terms.

All questions asked from one passage were vocabulary based. Who was the last monarch of British India? Navjivan Trust was founded by Mahatma Gandhi. An attempt of 12 – 13 questions is questjon ideal one.

AILET 2013 Question Paper

The five year plan of year was which 5 year plan. Name the first man to land on the moon died recently. Questions were more from static GK and papsr a few questions were from current affairs. The Head Quarters of European Union is located at: Each question had 4 options and the time limit of the paper was minutes. King of Denmark The Indian state with the lowest sex ratio is Haryana.