QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Preface This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation, maintenance and repair of the QS Series 64 Voice Synthesizer/ Controller. QS7/QS8 Reference Manual 1 2 QS7/QS8 Reference Manual Table of Contents Contents 1: Setting Up 7 Unpacking and Inspection 7 AC Power 7 Line.

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Together with the User Reference Manuals, this document provides a complete description of the functionality and serviceability alessi the QS Series.

Any comments or suggestions you may have pertaining to the document are welcome and encouraged. Only Service Centers alesks by Alesis in writing are authorized to perform service and repairs covered by an Alesis warranty if anyand transfer of the Manual to you does not authorize you to be an authorized Service Center.

Alesis QS7.1 Reference Manual

Therefore, if you perform, or if the Manual is used to perform, any service or repairs on any Alesis product or part thereof, any and all warranties of Alesis as to that product and any service contract with Alesis for that product shall be voided and shall no longer apply for such product, even if your services or repairs were done in accordance with the Manual.

All service or repairs done by you or with reference to the Manual shall be solely your responsibility, and Alesis shall have no liability for any such repairs or service work.

All such service or repairs are performed at the sole risk of the person performing the service or repairs. You agree that all such work will be performed in a competent, professional and safe manner at all times and to indemnify and fully hold Alesis and its successors and assigns harmless in the event of any failure to so perform.

Aleis purchase of the Manual shall be for your own ultimate use and shall not be for purposes of resale or other transfer. As the owner of the copyright to the Manual, Alesis does not give you the right to copy the Manual, and you agree not to copy the Manual without the written authorization of Alesis.

Alesis has no obligation to provide to you any correction of, or supplement to, the Manual, or any new or superseding version thereof. Alesis shall have the right to refuse to sell or otherwise transfer repair parts or materials to you in its sole discretion. You shall not use, sell or otherwise transfer spare or amnual parts supplied by Alesis to you i to repair or be used in products manufactured for or by qe7.1 parties or ii to any third parties for any purpose.

You qa7.1 not make any warranties or guarantees with respect to the products of Alesis or the use thereof on behalf of Alesis or in your own name. The foregoing describes the entire understanding related to sale or transfer mznual the Manual to you, and no other terms shall apply unless in alseis writing signed by an authorized representative of Alesis.

All Trademarks are property of their respective companies. The exclamation point inside a triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating, maintenance and servicing instructions in the literature which accompanies the product. Replace only with the same type or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Use extra care to follow the warnings written on the product itself and in the operating instructions. Keep the operating instructions and safety suggestions for reference in the future. The qx7.1 should only be connected to a power supply which is described either in the operating instructions or in markings on the product. AC power supply cords should be placed such that no one is likely to step on the cords and such that nothing will be placed on or against them.


If the product is not used for any significant period of time, the product’s AC power supply cord should be unplugged from the AC outlet. Foreign Objects and Liquids. Alessi care not to allow liquids to spill or objects to fall into any openings qlesis the product. The product should not be used near any water or in moisture. Do not place the product near heat sources such as stoves, heat registers, radiators or other heat producing equipment.

When manul the product, make sure that the product has adequate ventilation. Improperly ventilating the product may cause overheating, which may damage the product. The product should alesie be used with a rack which the manufacturer recommends. The combination of the product and rack should be moved carefully. Quick movements, excessive force or uneven surfaces may overturn the combination which may damage the product and rack combination.

The product should only be cleaned as the manufacturer recommends. The user should only attempt the limited service or upkeep specifically described in the operating instructions for the user.

For any other service required, the product should be taken alesls an authorized Service Center as described in the operating instructions. Damage to the Product. Qualified service personnel should service the unit in certain situations including without manuak when: Liquid has spilled or objects have fallen into the product, b.

The product is exposed to water or excessive moisture, c. The AC power supply plug or cord is damaged, d. The product shows an inappropriate change in performance or does not operate normally, or e. The enclosure of the product has been damaged. Self test should laesis be done following any repair to ensure basic functionality.

Remember to check power supply cables as well. This can be particularly useful in helping customers with low line problems.

This is especially true when working with older units.

Their day to day experience and help with proofreading are an integral part of this effort. Engineers Robert Rampley, and Mike Murphy for their insight and documentation assistance. Parts gods Chris Martin and Wayne Hamilton for help in qw7.1 you guessed it!

My Boss John Sarappo for having the confidence in me to let me do things my way aledis well as having the final proofreading say. The entire Alesis staff. Congratulations to Damon Hill for winning the Formula 1 Championship. I have developed a great appreciation for how much effort it takes to win championships like that. Last on the list, but first in class is of course You.

Beyond that, You give me the feedback that allows me to continue to improve both myself, and the current state of the art in service documentation. It is always our intention to provide You with the best information possible.

Goodwin Technical Services Coordinator. The software histories in Appendix B of this manual may also prove to be an excellent aid in troubleshooting User difficulties.

Several of these units utilize the same PCBs. However, some PCBs may be different between individual units while performing similar functions.

In order to minimize confusion between reference designators for the different unit types, the following conventions will be used throughout this manual: R6, C9 Combinations manyal allowed i. Italicized and underlined indicate both QS7 and QS8 references e. Since then, we have learned a great deal about the construction of keyboards, as well as the needs of keyboard players in general. This inevitably led to the release of the QS6.

Smaller, lighter, and with improved sound quality, the QS6 was an instant success. Amnual minor improvements have been made through the lifetime of this which have resulted in several main PCB revisions.


Each revision incorporates previous changes as well as any new improvements made. These changes are outlined in Appendix A. This manual references the following schematics and component I. In answer to this need, Alesis designed the QS8 88 key, piano weighted keyboard. Minor improvements have be made through qs71. lifetime of this product.

This has resulted in several main PCB revisions.

Since multiple keyboards can take up excessive space, the obvious solution is a rack mount sound engine without keys. The QSR is just that solution. Minor improvements have been made through the pre production lifetime of this product. Each one incorporates previous changes as well as any new improvements made. In addition, many 0. Note that the transformers of countries outside the United States are varied according to the power grid requirements for that country.

Most often noise is created due to the uneven power demands placed on the positive and negative rails, especially at power up.


There also may be noise due to the random power up states in the digital hardware prior to the software establishing correct values. Muting is accomplished with the use of the microprocessor reset line See Section 2. Q3 Q2 Q2 provides the necessary current to switch the supply transistors on, as well as providing a threshold value for timing purposes.

Since power up noise may extend past the time necessary for the digital hardware to physically reset, a further time delay is required before the output is allowed to turn on.

D15 D3 D1 provides a quick discharge path for the capacitor so that the circuit functions correctly even if power is cycled off and on rapidly. Although a complete discussion of H8 programming is beyond the scope of this manual, it is appropriate at this time to state the importance of understanding overall unit operation including the interactions between hardware and software.

Not only is it possible to troubleshoot usage errors i. The longer the file, the more time there is to look at the circuit before having to send the file again.

The most important pins are: While ignored by the software, it can make troubleshooting a real open in the data buss more difficult. Without a correct RST signal during power up and power down, any number of problems can occur. Therefore any time processor problems are suspected, RST should be the first thing checked.

In order to ensure that data will not be corrupted, the reset circuit uses the raw power supply signal to determine the correct time to assert the RST signal i.

This is done by using a raw supply threshold of approximately 7V. Since the power down sequence of events is generally the reverse of the power up process, only the power up events are described here. This in turn manhal the voltage across C15 C42 C59 at 0. In addition, the S6 incorporates an extra inverter U7E to drive maunal power up mute circuit see Section 2. This pulls the base of Q6 Q6 Q6 to 0. This allows the voltage across C15 C42 C59 to charge qs.71 via R41 R39 R63 this also adds a time delay that prevents raw supply ripple from mnual multiple resets.

Once this voltage rises above the threshold level of the Schmidt Alesls inverter it switches states, pulling RST low and RST high, completing the reset cycle.