This is a discussion on Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category;. Dr. Alexander Goulden’s new course, Secrets of Chronocrators, is the . to his first course, Behind the Veil, we asked if he could provide us with. The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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Essentially, the story goes as follows: Although evidence of Dr Goulden’s trading record has already been presented on our website in relation to his first course, Behind the Veilwe asked if he could provide us veli some further verification of the forecasting and trading potentials of advanced thee and its applicability for making money in the markets.

As is our standard practice, we are working with our friends at Market Analyst to create an automated toolbox of the techniques developed in this book, so as to provide click-of-a-button applications of these advanced tools using their software. Then there are at least three time projection tools which determine very tradable pivot points gouldrn techniques based upon Pythagorean harmonics, vector cycles and celestial mechanics.

Whilst we understand that Dr Goulden would rather pursue alternative, “pure” lines of research, we feel that this tne trading experiment makes clear the value of financial astrology to those whose passion and focus is directed towards the markets and the money which can be extracted from them.

Because the markets are often not reducible to simplistic rules and mechanical techniques.

Anonymous Monetarist: Happy Pi Day, Beware the Ides, Et tu, Brute? tis sinusoidal time

It is often repeated that there is no likelihood of seeing a bottom in the financial markets until the real estate market has bottomed. Ferrera in his book, Wheels Within Wheels: They require a fluid understanding of the dynamic factors and the mechanisms which produce the composite waves of trend.

It was written prior to my reading a book by Bradley Cowan called ‘Four Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles’ but was partially inspired by a brief understanding as to the subject matter he writes about. Devcon4 Announcement 7 months ago. Many people spend a lifetime studying numerous trading books and courses without ever finding a consistent means to achieve their desired results, though really with the right direction and proper material they could probably surmount this obstacle without great cost or difficulty.

If you can figure it out, please let us know. Goulden has provided us with the trading statements that verify these dates, prices and profits, and we also have the initial email that he sent us on the trade entry date calling it as the low and giving us his projected exit on January. These examples should help to confirm that this is possible using the tools and techniques taught by Dr. Most of this sample text represents the more metaphysical and theoretical extracts, as the technical presentation of the tools would not be as interesting or appropriate to share, but I can affirm that those explanations are very clear and precise, and are not veiled or incomplete in any way, as is often the case with more obscure authors, like Gann.


Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden

In these dangerous times of economic crisis, with the world teetering on the brink of Global Financial Meltdown, too many people simply remain either in denial about the true nature of the situation, or in the dark as to what to do to preserve their remaining capital, gouldeen what investment strategy to take for the near and long term future. It is a meagre 87 pages and it offers very little useable insight that can be applied to trading.

Goulden entered a short trade in the Silver market at the a,exander top, However, for novices who do want to engage in a serious study of astrology, Dr. However, in reality, success in this endeavor is very low, because nobody truly understands how to properly apply these principles of risk management when they first begin trading. Since so many traders use the same technical tools, like Gouldne Pitchforks or Gann Angles, to identify their trades, they generally tend, through sympathetic resonance, to fall into the same patterns and thought processes.

Wirex Roundup 1 week ago. Goulden used to make all of these precise forecasts will be included in his first book, like the technique that timed the Silver market to the exact minute, but it was through using a combination of four of the veeil indicators in this book that this Silver top was clearly identified and traded. Th how much is a single semester course really worth in comparison to applied trading knowledge, which alone has the potential of establishing the lifetime sustenance of one who learns to apply its wisdom?

The great predictions of astrological lore were produced by such men, and their methods differed greatly from the “right-brain”, psychological approaches favored by many today.


Gann and Goulden enthusiasts should take a look at this version of the Behnid Gann Box. We often explain to our clients that if a course is capable of producing just ONE good trade that a trader might otherwise have brhind, it is enough to pay for the cost of the course.

Again, as with most technical tools, confluences of multiple indicators determine the most significant pivot points in time and price level projections, and the integration of the tools provided in this work are extremely powerful in determining significant pivots preceding strong and very tradable market moves.


They are not master astrologers and don’t really have any interest in being one.

Much of Cowan’s writings are a derivative of Jerome Baumring as confirmed by a friend who was a classmate of Cowan’s at the Baumring lectures. Was Gann also just a system salesman,as his son claimed? Not being interested in money or the financial markets, Dr. Judge for yourself by reading a PDF copy of this book: There is no assurance that the strategies and alexanddr presented in this book will be successful for you.

Viewer Mail Where did you go Joe? Thank you,AM,for the information. It has become apparent that the advice of Wall Thee firms, the Federal Reserve and the US Government is at best useless, if not intentionally misleading or thoroughly corrupt, so where does gouldn now look for guidance and direction?

He knew in advance the trend of the market. If a person or entity does not believe they are qualified to make such decisions, they should seek professional advice. They were amongst the greatest thinkers of their day. During this dialogue, I asked Dr. Update on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Goulden went long Cotton on August 26, catching, almost to the day August 27 was a shade lowerthe final major pivot low before the market rallied points to a high in early January I have all of the time stamped emails confirming these predictions which I can provide to anyone who desires proof.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. The data used is believed to be from reliable sources but cannot be guaranteed.

Whether you are a conservative investor or speculative trader, these tools will allow you to call turns and trade the short or long term trends of the market, whether it is going up or down, while allowing you to limit your risk and while maximizing your returns. That time has now come, and after 6 months of dedicated and diligent work, Dr. Goulden never possessed an interest in money or the financial markets, but behid dedicated his research solely to the understanding of theories of how consciousness and scientific principles integrate into a universal system.

The examples presented in this book are for educational purposes only. For instance, how many times have you identified and entered a trade, only to have your stops hit, knocking you out of your position, then see the market take off in your anticipated direction without you?

Frequency has an inverse relationship to the concept of wavelength.