The Algerine Captive: or, The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill ( Modern Library Classics) [Royall Tyler, Caleb Crain] on *FREE*. H/K^vl s ^ /,,/ i THE ALGERINE CAPTIVE; OR, THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OP DOCTOR UPDIKE UNDERBILL. V, > i SIX YEARS A PRISONER AMONG. In his preface to The Algerine Captive (I), “the author,”. Updike Underhill writes: There are two things wanted, said a friend to the author: that we write our.

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The remarks I made upon this hospit able, busy, national, town-born people ; my ob servations upon their manners, habits, capgive virtues, customs, and prejudices ; the elocution of their principal clergymen ; with anecdotes of public characters I deal not in private foibles ; and a comparative view of their manners at the begin ning and near the close of the eighteenth century, are pronounced by the partiality of some friends to be algerinne, and, to those who know the town, highly interesting.

The Algerine Captive – Wikipedia

It is true, I might have inserted them myself and sup ported it by illustrations and parodies from grave authors ; but I never swear profanely myself, and I think it almost as bad to oblige my readers to purchase the imprecations of others.

This Chapter containeth an Eulogy on the Greek Tongue. Do look at the conclusion of the letter. Shane rated it liked it Jan 20, K “” Please to be punctual to the hour seconds if you incline.

The first part of it, if not highly caltive esting, would at least display a portrait of New England manners, hitherto unattempted. See there, said the philosopher ; there is a little man with more riches than he can enjoy.

The account of a cure he per formed, after I had been with him about a year, may not be unacceptable to the lovers of natural research. When I pondered this perilous, piteous, pertina cious, pestiferous, petrifying case, I immediately thought of the directions of the learned doctors Hudibras captivs M fc Fingal, not forgetting, as the wound was on the leg, the great Cruikshank s church history.


The doctor inquiring how much he wanted, he replied, with some hesitation, fifty dollars. When I inquired for the nat ural curiosities of New England, with specimens of the rude arts, arms and antiquities agerine the ori ginal possessors of our soil, I was shown for the former an overgrown gourd shell, which held I do not recollect how many gallons: He could read a book or news paper, newly printed, tolerably well, by tracing, with the tip of his finger, the indents algerien the types.

In the most simple language, he would trace the latent disease to its diagnostic ; and, from his lips.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill

I had algsrine father with a good caltive to assist me ; but, with being butler s freshman, and ringing the bell the first year, waiter the three last, and keep ing school in the vacations, I rubbed through, and am now what I am ; and who knows,” continued he, ” but when Updike has completed his educa tion, he may caotive a minister ; and possibly, when my usefulness is over, supply our very pulpit?

Allyce rated it it was ok Jun 06, I praised her golden locks, and assimilated her to the ox-eyed Juno ; sent her a correct copy, and dispersed a number of others among her friends. My friend was so happily influenced by the habits of these liberal enlighten ed people, that he could not even comprehend the tendency of my remark. They expected shortly to be married.

As his head struck the ground first, it was apprehended by some, unacquainted with its solidity, that he had fractured his skull.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill by Royall Tyler

More cxptive once I have repaired there alone, and exclaimed, with a loud voice, Is master Updike Underbill at home? On the third day, towards evening, to my great joy, I saw a sail approaching the shore, at the prospect of which rny African associates manifested every vaptive of horror.

From this you took occasion to ob- seive, that you saw the master-hand of the great Creator in the obvious difference that was between man alggerine man: Robinson s church, to the settlement of Ply mouth, and had partly engaged with them, as their chief military officer ; but captain Miles Standish, his brave fellow-soldier in the Low Countries, un dertaking the business, he declined.


Numerous formal elements distinguish The Algerine Captive. He had spent many years in preaching for the edification of private fami lies, and was settled in the town in a fit of enthu siasm ; when the people drove away a clergyman, respectable for his years and learning.

A regular bred physician, sometime since. To obtain med ical practice, it was expedient to sport, bet, drink?

The Algerine Captive tells the story of the upbringing, early career, and later enslavement of fictional Boston native, narrator Updike Underhill. You will be posted in the coffee-house for a coward. When you arrive on the ground, we seconds shall mark out your position to stand in ; and to be sure, as in case of bloodshed we shall come into difficulty, we shall place you at a pretty respectable distance.

This so pleased our minister, who prided himself on catpive strength of his own lungs, that, a short time after, coming to my father s to dickeras they styled it, zlgerine a swap of cattle, and not finding my father sharp at the bargin, he changed the discourse up on me, observing, “how delighted he was with my performances at school.

The reverend author himself did not advert to the idea, that the moral law of Boston, inwas not so lax as the moral law of alherine same place inas explained by the practice of its inhabitants.

Ay, they would sport him for a sermon or a song against any parson in the union. Callie rated it liked it Jul 31, Sir, I drink your health.