Amos Oz Poveste Despre Dragoste Si Intuneric PDF – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. O carte captivanta. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric [Amos Oz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roman magistral, detinator a zece distinctii literare, . Opera lui Amos Oz este tradusa in peste patruzeci de limbi. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric a primit zece distinctii literare internationale, printre care.

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That bit may have shaken me up some. While there is some great writing in the book and some very colorful characters, the pages did not flow. The book was mostly well-written, but I didn’t like the way the author jumped around sk time and incident.

Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric

The first hundred pages appeared to take place after the Holocaust and before the State of Israel was established. Gostava de a conhecer. Se si va oltre i momenti intineric in cui vengono raccontate le storie dei suoi antenati irritanti. It is about a young boy the author growing up in Israel at the time of its birth as a nation.

I enjoy the random choice of cities where the book just might be found. Een prachtig verhaal over hoe een eenzaam jongetje er uiteindelijk toe komt om schrijver te worden.


Guess I should find some of his fiction. I want to see if a novel holds up as well as this memoir.

Writers are not hard to kill either. Books by Amos Oz. The question for me is why is this included as a book you must read before you die? Oz often repeats things.

We read an amazing story of self-laceration as Amos Oz is determined to leave no stone unturned in punishing himself through his own disturbing memories of himself as an akward child, a dreamer living between two heart-wrenching worlds utterly beyond his comprehension, the rational but disappointing world of his father and the strange shadowy world of his mother.

He was also a professor of literature at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba. For hundreds of pages it is about a very young child and the observations it makes about the world around it. On page of the Harvest publication of this book: De politieke omstandigheden blijven dan wel op de achtergrond, maar spelen een belangrijk Pag That wordatlarge was far away, attractive, marvelous, but to us it was dangerous and threatening.


I tried twice because of the ratings this book got. Wouldn’t it be for the I do believe that this book is quite a good biography of a Jewish boy growing up in Israel in the 50s, and an intesting account on the historical and political events happening there at that time.

[PDF] ‘.pdf – Free Download PDF

Oz’s love for his relatives is juxtaposed against his impatience with them brilliantly, sometimes humorously. Quotes from Poveste despre dr An autobiography of the famous Israeli author Amos Oz.

That was touching, claustrophobic and very real, not as artsy fartsy as other parts of the book. This particular book, his memoir, “was nominated one of the ten most important books since the creation of the State of Israel. No This memoir recounts the author’s life in the formative years of the nation of Israel as well as the years leading up toas well as the lives of his parents and many relatives from various parts of Europe.

Its so incredible I want to share itso for the 1st time everI buy and buy, and so far in french and spanish translations.

Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric by Amos Oz (2 star ratings)

It’s also a memoir of the young state peopled by so many from all over who had lost everything and were desperately trying to build a permanent Jewish home. Maybe I’d have felt differently were this not my first work by Amos and I were already a fan of his. The writer keeps nothing for himself, making the reader wait very long for very little incentive.

Preview — Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric by Amos Intjneric.

If only there was timely and effective intervention, Amos Oz’s mother, Fania Mussman, might have survived beyond her poceste span of thirty eight years. This is a book of rare honesty and reflection, humor and joy, and profound humanity. Levei anos a entender. O que contava eram as palavras. This memoir recounts the sj life in the formative years of the nation of Israel as well as the years leading up toas well as the lives of his parents and many relatives from various parts of Europe.


On Tel Aviv versus Jerusalem. The method workks for what I think Oz is trying to do, describe himself and his family in relation to the time and place they traversed, the ending of the Jewish world of Eastern Europe and the beginning of the Jewish world in Israel.

Oz is een geboren verteller. Most interesting is the author’s self-portrait and evolution from a precocious youngster to a more independent-minded boy. The ancient serial killer of disappointed souls. It was added after the first edition and it has retained its position. He becomes deadly serious, plain-speaking, loses the lyrical caricature and instead touches a raw nerve that he’s purportedly left buried for decades.

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Or should I cut it off and make it into a one-word sentence on its own? Some family members with very illustrious careers like granduncle Joseph povetse others, notably Amos’ father, Yehuda Arieh Klausner, led quiet lives of unfulfilled ambitions. Published first published The only My second Oz. SinceOz had been a prominent advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. It was only towards the end, when I grew disappointed at not learning more details of how he and his wife fell in love, that I realized he was protecting the privacy of his living family.

Maybe it was the wrong choice to start off with.

Perhaps it should be considered a collection of short stories with many of the same characters.