{Anarchie et christianisme. English] Anarchy and Christianity / Jacques Ellul; translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley. p. cm. Translation of; Anarchie et christianisme. Jacques Ellul often made brief comments, in his fifty or so books, affirming a kind of anarchism as the Anarchy and Christianity is his extended essay on the. Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, history, and exposition in this analysis of the relationship between political anarchy and biblical faith. On the one hand.

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This is why, in fllul movement that is very close to anarchy, that of ecologists, I am always opposed to political participation.

In this short book, he does his best to introduce Anarchists and Christians to one another. At the same time the labor halls lost completely their original character as breeding grounds of a proletarian elite.

This was very important. But I do not. Now that Christianity is no longer dominant in society, it is a stupid mania on the part of Christians to cling to this or that ideology and to abandon that which embarrasses them in Christianity.

During the Ante-Nicene Period there were several independent sects chritianity took a radically different approach to Christianity than the Proto-Orthodox Church and displayed anarchist tendencies by relying on direct Revelation rather than scripture. The trees gathered to elect a king and put him at their head.

Even more strictly and strangely, that extraordinary man Christoph Blumhardt formulated a consistently anarchist Christianity toward the end of the 19th century. He was constantly held up as a chrisrianity.

Book Review: Anarchy and Christianity by Jacques Ellul

It is for freedom that we are freed. Christians passionately want understanding with Muslims, and so in conversations in which I have participated they insist strongly on the points of agreement, for example, that both religions are mono- theistic and both are religions of chtistianity book2 etc. We should not forget that on the plea of safeguarding employment they supported the folly of the Concorde and still justify the manufacture and export of armaments.


Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. I recall the prevention clubs we founded in to deal with the maladjustment of young people. As regards vaccination, I have in mind a remarkable instance. The role of the media in the growth of delinquency and hatred of others is considerable. And we are clearly instructed that ‘you can not serve God and Mammon’.

There were also individual circumstances. They were included in the body of inspired texts there was as yet no [ 50 ] The Bible as the Source of Anarchy canon. Part of a series of articles on. His tenor and methodology is objective and scholarly, and the perspective is a sociological one.

Eerdmans,e. There is much that I like about this little book but there are some significant disagreements as well. Many Christian anarchists practice the principles of nonviolencenonresistanceand turning the other cheek. Here I simply want to sound another note and dispel some misunderstandings. Christian anarchism ‘is not an attempt to synthesise two systems of thought’ that are hopelessly incompatible; rather, it is ‘a realisation that the premise of anarchism is inherent in Christianity and the message of the Gospels’.

They were said in response to another matter: He discusses nonviolence and nonvoting and devotes quite a bit of time toward demonstrating that Jesus and the early Christians did not support political powers and hierarchies. Don’t read this book for answers; read it for questions. When the tribes had completed the occupation, an interesting system was organized.

Christian anarchism

Oct 25, W. To be sure, he ruthlessly condemned the masses and all authorities, even though they be based anaechy democracy. It definitely saved my mind.

How are we to understand this? It is not a matter of a general law. In he returned to Bordeaux where he lived, wrote, served as Mayor, and taught until his death in But now I change my rating to 3 stars, because I have to reluctantly admit the book is helping me.


Much as I admire that extraordinary woman, Joan of Chtistianity, I think that history would have been much simpler if France had been swallowed up in a Franco-English regime! Christian anarchists tend to wish that Christians were less preoccupied with performing rituals and preaching dogmatic theologyand more with following Jesus’ teaching and practices.

It is a kind of social boycott which can assuage the aharchy of its participants but does little to nothing to help those still afflicted by the State writ large. The dominant ideology is that of sovereignty. It is that of the God who puts himself on our human level and limits himself.

Full text of “Jacques Ellul: Anarchy & Christianity”

One of the things I am not going to do is to lay out the whole argument for you. Overall,I would say that I am glad I read this as many who are in 2. Palestine was conquered by the Greeks and then became part of the Seleucid kingdom end of the 3rd century B. Here Ellul develops the notion of “technique,” a concept much broader than technology: The central thought is still that power is from God. That remains good stuff.

I thus reject totally, for example, the miracle attributed to the child Jesus making birds christkanity of day and breathing upon them to make them fly. Jesus never extolled violence; if he was a guerrilla head, the least we can say is that he was a fool.