Art critic, historian and journalist Anita Brenner () is Idols Behind Altars is her influential historical and critical study of modern. Title, Idols Behind Altars. Author, Anita Brenner. Edition, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Biblo & Tannen Publishers, ISBN, X, User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Hardcover. No DJ. Possible first edition. Part of DJ glued to inside cover. Edges of spine are a little tattered.

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This is the basic American culture which is basic Maya, basic Peruvian, and basic Mexican.

Some of the friars did not like so much blood. On the street and in the roads do not carry your head hanging, nor yet must you raise it too high.

Suppose you started something you liked very much brenjer, and had to go away and leave it; and were always longing to come back, always wanting very badly to finish it. But some day they will awake, and shake, and pour forth lava and boil- ing water, a great and barbarous breath.

He called all the inhabitants together, “and they came, nobles, warriors, populace, crowded in the great courtyard of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl unarmed. They became a sect, that travelled for the sake of travelling. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Not buying any art history book where the author writes “Michael Angelo” instead of the correct, “Michelangelo.

Idols Behind Altars – Anita Brenner – Google Books

Don Erasmo Mata, that facetious Don Erasmo who with equal affability foretold the end of the world and cured the sick by means of the magic feathers of his prophet game-cock.


When the shortened distance made reports of their progress more detailed and frequent, Moctezuma closeted himself with the gods and repeated over and over: But they must not be proud.

When you walk do not go too fast nor too slow, for it is a sign of pride and pomp to go too slow, and too fast suggests disquiet and little surety. The food is put upon udols, on banks of flowers, heavy purple wild blossoms and the yellow pungent cempoalxochitl, ancient and sacred bloom. An old prophecy current in Mexico announces that “When the chief temple of the Aztecs shall appear in the principal plaza of the city of Tenochtitlan, bearing upon it the sun, then shall anira ancient people possess their ancient rights.

The beliefs include fundamental roots of creeds, and folklore version of what was once, or still is, offi- cially dogma. They come together in the heroism postulated as of highest value by a modern Mexican poet, who was never without his gun: Gallants duelled in the byways and sang under the balconies.

We must try instead to keep their friendship.

Idols Behind Altars: Modern Mexican Art and Its Cultural Roots

Other editions – View all Idols Behind Behinc Her poetic description of art and culture brennner a window into the post-revolutionary period of the s which has since defined so much of the nation’s self-identity. Their work was always part of somebody else’s. All Gehind Day is all adult ghosts’ day, and All Souls’ day be- longs to the children.

Alvarado was bruised by stones, and complaining to Moctezuma of the be- haviour of his subjects. The same spirit, too; aloof, sensuous, gracious, reasonable. Markets and parks fill out with the paraphernalia of carnival except that the eat- ing-stands are delineated by an interminable row of enorm- ous skulls, and are lighted by bier candles.


Ships from Spain brought architects and philosophers, and Renaissance canvasses and tapestries.

Idols Behind Altars: Modern Mexican Art and Its Cultural Roots – Anita Brenner – Google Books

The Crown passed “Laws of Indies” designed to protect the natives. The Aztec seeks the face of his god, and makes multiple masks for him; the Maya makes multiple masks for him, and puts a priestly, haughty mathematician behind them all. In Tepeaca, brenner said we were friends, and they came to receive us. The young man must not play pranks after he has attained his manhood.

Natives died by the thousands and lived on by the millions. So great was the flow of blood that streams ran in the courtyard. While Cortez conferred with the king, “They did not leave corner or cham- beihnd in which they did not go and search and overturn,” Father Duran wrote. Selected pages Title Page. He is the image of his people. Numbers of brown people swelled their train continuously, making their few hundreds relatively smaller and smaller, and cutting off more effectively than even their lust for gold, a quick retreat to the ships.

At the time alars the Spanish conquest Yucatan was “a place of white towers, whose glint could be seen from the ships