I was just wondering if anyone was running the aquamist 2d water injection setup . Seems like a very well put together water injection system. My Aquamist 2D Install Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling. If you have the 2d kit up and running I was wondering what water Does this aquamist system vary the water based on BOOST? or is it like my.

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Aquamist 2d – Anyone Have It Running?

Steve did a fine job considering he never saw the kit before or installed water injection on anything. The big gains come from the ability to increase boost as well as the full ignition advance allowed by the ECU when it does not detect knock.

Find More Posts by nothere. I figured this out by drilling and tapping a piece of test metal first. Find More Posts by EvoTio. Also, it was high enough that it provided a gravity feed to where I decided to mount the pump: As a member you get free access to all of our forums and posts plus the ability to post your own messages, communicate directly with other members and much more.


Aquamist 2d water injection – EvolutionM – Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution Community

Below, I subtracted 2. Originally Posted by nothere. This is not the weather that I bought the system for. The DDS3 just came out not too long ago so I guess it will be on the website soon. Here was the difference I saw when I made that change. Find More Posts by SlowCar.

Find More Posts by SlowCar. ERL has just revived this old principle, applying the latest techniques in both electronic and mechanical engineering to take water injection into the next millennium.

Yeah most likely your IDCs with those injectors are too low for the HSV to be effective with that size WI jet – especially if you are taking advantage of being able to lean further with water injection than without.

Find More Posts by Ted B. I now run more advance and the car and I are much happier. Find More Posts by Cheers! Find out how many GPH each of the nozzles you are looking at.

I am begining to think anyone who has delt with Richard has come away impressed aquamis his knowledge and help. A couple of questions,: Where can I get the fancy gauge that you have in the center? Aquamist Water Injection Cooling. One triggers the injection activation point, the other is the point whereby maximum flow is reached.

  ISO 6721-2 PDF

What Is Your Input About The Aquamist 2d Injection

Do you think increasing the pump pressure from 6 bars to it’s maximum 10 bars will help with a single. I attached some pictures of the 2d install. Jun 26, Jun 25, I have no idea what the flow rate of the nozzles you are refering to. However, by using up to 40 percent alcohol with the water, additional cooling takes place before the turbo, and the alcohol works as a fuel in the charge.

If anyone who is using the aquamist nozzles, and wants one, i’ll send you a piece. Originally Posted by EvoTio.

I want one Carlos. I drilled a hole to bring the wiring through the secondary firewall and finished it off with a grommet to protect the wires. He also had a lot of experience with these systems and shared some tips and various results.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Find More Posts by ZeroBanger. Nothing about what auqamist these gadgets are, or what purpose they serve. I think I’ll start water at 5 psi boost.