If Arimaa is played using a chess set, the pieces may be represented by the king, queen, knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns respectively. In fact, “Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”. In Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $10, prize, available through . (“Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”). In , Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $ prize, available annually until.

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Were a gold horse in the east, Gold’s position would be stronger. This means that the horse can more directly join the trap control fight if the camel is dislodged. Thus one cannot, for example, take one step forward and one step back with the same piece, effectively passing the turn and evading zugzwang. The silver camel can’t escape, due to a phalanx which the frozen g2 horse is part of. This strength of frames is balanced by the high material cost of maintaining them.

Suppose Gold had to stop Silver’s goals. The gold camel must take control of the f3 trap. On a full or mostly full board, the camel is usually the piece that should hold a horse hostage. Thus if the silver rabbit on c4 and the silver horse on c2 move away, voluntarily or by being dislodged, the silver rabbit on c3 will be captured.

Just find suitable multi-move CVs from above index, and those CVs arguably present the same difficulty for Computer as arimaa; research can then find which ones actually do. The value of a frame depends partly on how solid it is. In some cases, a horse-by-elephant hostage might be converted to a frameor passed off to the silver camel, freeing the silver elephant. In the position shown, a silver horse has penetrated enemy lines in the opening, giving Silver a long-term trap control advantage.

Ideally this ties the opposing elephant to defence, while the friendly elephant is free to roam. If the gold cat on h7 moves to h6 while pulling the silver rabbit from g7 to h7, the gold rabbit on g6 can step to goal. The a3 horse will stop Gold from hostaging the b3 camel.


A double hostage is stronger than a simple camel hostage. If Silver is well-positioned for a quick elephant rotation, a hostage might be of negative value for Gold. The players begin by setting up their pieces however they choose on their home rows.

Arimaa/Playing The Game

A pawn can capture a queen as well as a queen can capture a pawn. Silver has no good way to confront either gold horse; slow maneuvering would not work, as Gold can do damage quickly. Now, the frame can be broken in three steps mb4n Hb3n hc3wbut there is a complication: Not only could Silver then threaten captures in c3, but she could also flip the gold camel to c5, with a threat to capture it in c6.

Silver forks the camel between c3 and c6, blockading b5 so the camel cannot go west. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. The Arimaa Challenge has been held twelve times, starting in A trap is deadlocked when its strongest gold defender and strongest silver defender are equal.

Arimaa | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

In this position, the silver camel is pinned to the c3 cat, and the silver elephant must stay on d4, to defend both the cat and camel. For more on this challenge, see the arimaa website. For instance, if each side has lost a camel and a horse, the remaining horses are the unique second strongest pieces arumaa each side, and so have essentially the role that the camels had initially.

This CVPage article says Arimaa was invented around Here comes another common point with Chess: An important element of Arimaa is the overall distribution of pieces. Pieces can safely advance toward a trap defended by the friendly elephant; by contrast, the home elephant would have to leave the deadlock if it wanted to ensure safe advances of its own pieces. For brevity’s sake, however, examples will sometimes use the notation rather than spell out each individual step.


That being said, I still vastly prefer it as an online game and my review is based on that format. You can help out by making a small donation or by using this site’s affiliate links when you shop at ebay. Bots get harder as you go, and long-term strategy becomes increasingly important. In many games, it is clear what objective each player is working towards, but entirely unclear which player will come out on top.

It is the game that if you start to like it, you will want to play your tenth game, and the hundredth, and the thousandth. The gold horse in the trap makes rotation difficult for Silver. Even my elephant was captured! Arimaa is one of the deepest strategy games ever invented in the history of mankind, but designed to look intuitively simple. Consecutive steps by the same piece may be condensed, with only the initial square given.

Other than the elephants, any piece can potentially be taken hostage, and rulea the elephant is the only friendly piece which can feasibly protect it. The relative strength of each piece lies in its power to push, pull, or immobilize weaker enemy pieces. You can also push and pull enemy pieces which take 2 moves, one to move yours and one to move your opponents. A few details A piece that is on a trap square is removed from the game unless there is a friendly piece ortogonally incident to it.

In that case, a horse hostage would amount to a camel hostage.