This page lists locations where Arx Fatalis resources are made available by Arkane, publishers or Steam hosts an Arx Fatalis Manual (PDF). Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source port of Arx Fatalis, a first- person role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios. Arx Fatalis – Manual. Game Title, Arx Fatalis. Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, Drenskin (stats). Filesize, MB. Date. Downloads .

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When he starts to chase you, he moves very, VERY slow. Eh, it’s all for the same cause. Head up to Alia in the farthest tent where you first startedand combine her with the Shield of the Ancients. Let him free because it’s necessary for his help to continue the mwnual quest.

After you’re done dilly dallying throughout the city, head back in the starting entrance that got you there. Night fell, for all of eternity. Eventually, you’re going to reach a part on the map where the textures shift over to a dark muddy look. Also fixed up a few formatting problems.

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Very useful later on. Kill the invisible man very weak, only has a short swordthen search his body for a ring of misery. Use the key on it and enter. Continue walking forward on the stairs pass the water.

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Orbilanax’s Bedroom is located in the middle on the right side. Then, hit the lever. Head out of the Crypt by taking the same route you went. Everyone has finally found his place in this world. Then, go in the opened pathway, and go left.


Arx Fatalis [Manual]

The Foundry is where you killed the bloody creature. Enter it, then grab the two scrolls on the top of the bookcase.

Search the corpse, take the 2 pieces of dwarf flesh, power stone, key, and pretty much everything. Of course, there were also goblins, trolls, dragons and demons, but we lived so far away from one another that we rarely crossed paths. Wheat grew, without the help of magic, needing only the earth and the sun.

Start off fatwlis heading out of the Sisters of Ederneum establishment, fayalis go towards the Temple of Illusions. This will prove that you’re just “another” gem dealer, and not some escaped human prisoner. Then, search the other bodies in this cavern.

This is a side quest that can be accomplished by going to the Crystal Caves. Apparently, the recent attacks may have something to do with this identity. Walk up the blue emblem, search your inventory, and combine the Secret Rebel Dagger Pass with the blue stone. This part of level 4 relates to the Rescue Shany quest if you initiated it.

The idea is to hit the 6 switches in order based on a brief picture provided by the crystal globe. Follow what the game says, and spell out Aam Tok to form the spell “Ignite. Walk in, and press A to say the password for the door. Both are trapped to revive the zombies on the ground.

Once you take a few steps in the cave, one bat is going to fly out of nowhere and surprise you. The button is located right around when you turn the corner. The helmet offers decent Armor stats, magic protection, and has decent selling value if you’re not interested. You take place of a sole person who goes on a perilous adventure which somehow affects a storyline.


Head straight through the new opening that awaits you, and look under the bed on the floor. If you want to buy something, put your cursor over the seller’s inventory, and a price will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Continue straight until you hit a door. At least get this matched with your close combat skill, or just use heavy armor to boost its rating. The tutorial mode will pop up to have you test out the new runes you’ve discovered.

Check the corpse for the fatalie rune. Select items from the inventory of the storage device, and press A to swatch them over to your own inventory. There’s a sign designating its presence. Next, go up the stairs and read the miner’s logbook, plus whatever else you can grab.

If you speak faatlis her, she’ll tell you that her daughter, Shany remember the little brat from before? After he’s dead, ignore the stairs on the left, and continue straight until you see a closed door on the left.