ARCA (AutosaR Change Analyzer) – for automated analysis of. AUTOSAR meta- model changes affecting modeling tools used by a set of defined roles. The tool. Overview of the implemented AUTOSAR metamodel tool-chain. The applied process steps are numbered in their order of execution. (1a) and (1b) indicate the . The AUTOSAR Way of Model-Based Engineering of AUTOSAR Managing Complexity .. Meta-model, Software Component Template.

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This is an auxiliary document, you should always base your development on SWS. To summarize the stuff Autosar metamodel is the superset and the Ecuparamdef is a subset of it.

AUTOSAR Metamodel – automotive wiki

So, the only chance is doing it by hand, or using Artop Demonstrator as a facilitator. The paramdef file has a more strict rules as the name of the BSW containers are specifically defined in it alond with its parameter. Where we don’t define all the BSW module seperately. Could you please elabrote on that. This means the paramdef file is realised out of Autosar Model. The paramdef model can always be realised in term of Autosar model as it is very generic.


ARCA — Automated Analysis of AUTOSAR Meta-model Changes

A metamodel is a precise defination of the constructs and rules. For the BSW part of the Autosar model.

It contains the UML model for Autosar. Author and commenters Vinay Kansal. As the Autosar give the end user a flexibility to add any new BSW containers or parameter. The Ecuparamdef file is one such paramdef file released by Autosar. Does it contain Architecture of all BSWs? Now a model and its metamodel are to different levels.

Its a generic kind of implementation in the model.

The Autosar Model is a combination of all the Autosar Template. But again a end user autlsar add or remove stuff from it. The BSW part of the Autosar model is generic in nature to support any vender specific data.

I am not sure why you got a feeling that the Autosar model is incomplete. Thomas Zurawka Premium Moderator.

M0, M1, M2 are different metalevels, where enities in M0 are expressed in terms of M1 entities and so on. Now i can open this model. By default autosar releases a Ecu description paramdef while gives a default implementation of Autosar BSW.


As of now you have to build a model out of the auosar if you want to see the BSW structure. Hence you can say from the most abstract model we create another metamodel where the and rules are more descriptively defined.


Only visible to XING members. Now I have another question if meamodel incomplete model then does developer needs to fill it? And this Metamodel becomes the model for the next metamodel below it.

For this you have to understand what is a metamodel. As of now, I do not know any tools which are supporting BSW module description. In addition to that, since R3.