“[Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and forceful. The rhythms are right, ever-present but not too insistent or obvious. “[Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and Paul Woodruff is Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin. Get this from a library! Bacchae.. [Euripides.; Paul Woodruff] — [Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and forceful.

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If you are Man or Woman, I am Dionysos. Further, according to Woodruff, Euripides, with his particular framing of the Pentheus myth, “seems to be tacking onto the play a message that does not appear to be integral to the plot” xl.

Bacchae – Euripides – Google Books

And who struck him then? The hamartia of Pentheus in particular is ethical and political above and beyond its relation to Athenian intellectualism. The most effective translation will indicate the unusual ‘womanish’ nature of this mob cf.

University of Massachusetts Press. In addition to a short description and assessment of each edition, the annotated list also reproduces lines and so that readers can compare something from them according to their own preferences. The Bacchae Euripides Full view – Thebes taints me with bastardy. I, Dionysus, son of Zeus, have come to the land of Thebes! Woodruff then considers woodeuff which see the play as a source of ‘rationalism’ Verrall, Norwood and ‘irrationalism’ Dodds.

One of these editions might be preferable to another on different occasions. This pocket size edition does little to promote appreciation of the play.


I am come, the son of Zeus, to this Theban land, Dionysos, to whom the daughter of Kadmos once gave birth, Semele, midwived by lightning-borne fire. I have tried to give the characters the different voices I hear in the Greek, so that the translation can be produced on stage with minimal changes.

Morwood, James Euripides: Woodruff’s substantial introduction presents short discussions, each of a couple of pages or so, grouped under key headings. At the chorus asks Agave to name those who took part in the kill.

voice matters and plays i’ve read: Bacchae by Euripides translated and with notes by Paul Woodruff

Contains an introduction 12 pagesan appendix 1 page discussing the lacuna afterand a chronological note 5 pages, by Lattimore. Dionysus, of course, fulfills his promises stated in the prologue, and he explains the cruelty of doing so–whatever we think of it–by referring to Zeus’ designa line brushed off by Woodruff as a “passing reference” xxiv without major significance.

I have transformed my appearance from god to man and come to this Theban land, and here I am at the streams of Dirce and the waters of Ismenus.

Its commentary targets students with the least amount of preparation and sophistication. Immediately after the palace miracles, a still defiant Pentheus growls at the stranger for suggesting that the king’s efforts to seal off the city will not contain the god. Unfortunately, it uses Murray’s outdated text.

Selected pages Table of Contents. Look on me–Dionysus, Son of Zeus. Bryn Mawr Classical Review This assigns a special purpose to the emotions in negotiating the uniquely human moral realm: Woodruff’s Teiresias explains this in English by setting up a pun between Zeus’ “showing sky” to Hera and the “sewn in thigh” of the later abcchae Contains an introduction 7 pagesa chronology 1 pageand a production note half a page stating that any cuts to the text “must NOT be permitted to affect the essential dimension of a Nature feast.


Character names are abbreviated, the translator is not named, and there are no notes none–as in zero. You see the son of Woldruff. And having changed my form from god to mortal, I am here at the streams of Dirke and the water of Ismenos.

Lastly, the play’s political dimensions are considered by wwoodruff some interpretive remarks of Leinieks and Esposito. Quality Paperback Book Club. Throughout this review, editions from the annotated list are referred to by asterisk plus translator’s name, e. EuripidesPaul Woodruff. Hall’s four page introductory note on the Bacchae is challenging and suggestive. I do woodryff to point out the care with which such lines must be translated, and to recommend better supporting material in cases in which an inexperienced reader of tragedy might have difficulty following the text.

The Bacchae by Euripides – Audience Participation Play Reading with Paul Woodruff

My form I have changed from divine to human, as I come now to Dirce’s streams, to the water of Ismenus. The translation of the text is presented on right hand pages, the commentary faces this on left hand pages.

Reprinted from Vellacott’s Penguin translations: Contains an introductory essay 36 pages with bibliography 3 pages by Martha Nussbaum, a translator’s note 3 pagesand a discussion of the characters 2 pages.