born on March 6, ; Columbian novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, and journalist; considered as one of the most significant writers of. Gabriel García Márquez’ BALTHAZAR’S MARVELOUS AFTERNOON An analytical review By Kenny Beachmount Márquez’s story about a poor. Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon has 39 ratings and 6 reviews. Gün İlke said: Kitap ‘da basılmış ve daha sonra tek kitap olarak basılan Albay’a Mektu.

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Like the others, she too is impressed with the beautiful cage that Balthazar brings to their house. Giovanna rated it liked it Oct 18, Is there a hidden and aftfrnoon meaning in this story, are there some codes you deliberately placed for us to decipher, or is it just what you said it was?

Everybody has their story to tell.

Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon – Free Download PDF

What does that say about him? Edit Balthazar’s Marvelous Marvelouw Introduction Originally written in Spanish, this short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is set in a small town in Colombia.

The next part of the study material discusses these themes in detail. Edward Lonan rated it it was amazing May 21, Montiel, just to save his pride and name. At this point I would like to draw your attention to the significance of the cage. Octavio Giraldo’s observations that the cage “is a flight of the imagination”; that “it would be enough to hang it in the trees so it balhhazar sing by itself”; and that Balthazar could have been “an extraordinary architect” ?

Then he went out and got drunk for the first time and bought everyone drinks celebrating his 60 pesos that he was never given. Is he abjectly indulging in immoral behavior or has he found a secret way out of what Bataille calls the “huge counterfeit” of present-day society? What she notices is its size and the price that it can fetch them: And then, to the doctor: It turns out the the person who ordered the cage was a 12 year old boy and his parents were unaware that he ordered it.


The cage represents or is a symbol of the materialistic element in society. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As a journalist, Marquez joined a group of young writers and intellectuals who. Though Balthazar afternpon been generous by giving Pepe the cage. He had two weeks’ growth, short, hard, and bristly hair like the mane of a mule, and the general expression marvekous a frightened boy.

The mean and stingy Montiel refuses to pay Balthazar for the cage, the child creates a scene and he is asked to take it back.

With Balthazar due to his pride wanting to be seen as the victor. Doctor Giraldo’s almost poetic description is in sharp mmarvelous to the function of the cage, meant to keep birds locked afgernoon. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Nisar rated it did not like it Nov 28, He dismisses Montiel’s protest: It was the first week of April and the heat seemed less bearable because of the chirping of the cicadas.

The German art critic Franz Roh first introduced this term in to describe a form of literature marcelous painting where the conscious and sub-conscious elements are joined together. What has Balthazar managed to express or accomplish in the creation of the cage?


This short story, in addition to its moral of humanity also asserts the superiority of the handcrafted over mass production.

Balthazar gets ready to deliver the cage to Jose Chepe Montiel.

Until that moment, he thought that he had made a better cage than ever before, that he’d had to give it to the son of Jose Montiel so he wouldn’t keep crying, and that none of these things was particularly important. The loss of his shoes?

I have no intention of paying you a cent. A few blocks from there, in a house crammed with equipment, where no one had ever smelled a smell that couldn’t be sold, he remained indifferent to the news of the cage. Why does he say that the rich “are sick, and they are going to die” ? Although I am obsessed with reading stories I don’t think I’m intellectual enough to give a well-thought and carefully constructed analysis about this. When he entered their houses, he couldn’t move without dragging his feet.

Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon by Gabriel García Márquez

Bobdewey rated it it was amazing Dec 11, The doctor turned his head. The young boy starts screaming and banging his head on the floor.

He was very pale and his eyes were starting to get red. That is why it is so easy for him to gift the cage to Pepe.