We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and . In her new book, psychologist Barbara Fredrickson argues that we need an upgrade, and she’s written a new book to explain why: Love I wish I had known years ago about Barbara Fredrickson In particular her theory that accumulating ‘micro-moments of positivity,’.

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Or maybe it’s just fun as hell to hate on a book called Love 2. The chapters could have been shorter to convey their main point.

The Love Upgrade | Greater Good

One is that people feel safe, and the other is that they feel a real-time sensory connection with another person. I just couldn’t connect with this book. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Before these reverberations fade, they initiate biochemical cascades that help remake who you are, both in body and in mind.

Read reviews that mention positivity resonance barbara fredrickson loving kindness positive psychology kindness meditation daily life human beings positive emotions anyone who wants highly recommend highly recommended required reading loving connections must read fredrickson is a scientist recommend this book calls positivity positive emotion scientific fredricksno throughout this book.

Dec 31, Pages. A bond like this can endure for years — even a lifetime with proper commitment and effort. Aug 07, Gloria Denoon rated it liked it. It wasn’t academic writing but I just didn’t get along with it and it made a lot of the information presented feel like it fredruckson dragging.

“Love ” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson | openDemocracy

Affirm your positive qualities, but refrain from delusion and self-deception. Wise people, studies show, are especially discerning because they are able to see holistically and integrate seemingly contradictory perspectives to achieve balance and well-being in everyday life.


Upgrade to Love 2. This is a must-read for all those interested in psychology, health, longevity…and above all a meaningful life. I may update later. View the discussion thread. They do this first by opening you up: Now that I’ve finished this book, I feel a lot better about it.

Read it Forward Read it first. Or, to go with a micro-moment of positivity resonance? It was a bit of a slow read and I wasn’t so engaged by the writing which is why I’m not giving it more stars but I did learn from it and hope to implement some of the positivity and love practices in my life.

Or maybe I’m just a hopelessly cranky ol dick probably that. Even after reading all the evidence, this reviewer is left with the sense that love is likely to be distinguished by levels of intimacy — at least a Love 1the oove people are talking about looking for, and Love 2of the Starbucks variety.

Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

Particularly given how easy it is for many if not all of us to slip into unconscious automatic ultra cranky hater mode if we’re not carful.

Love, “our supreme emotion,” as she calls it, is brilliantly explored, and practically illustrated. Aug 13, Genevieve rated it it was ok Shelves: I preferred the first part of the book more than the second.

Again, I appreciate her perspective, and her chapters on exercising loving kindness meditation as a way to enrich your abilities to positively resonate with others, but even the Scientific American review says her work is short on scientific validity and relies too much on subjective data. This line of work may end up changing both what we mean by love and what we llove as evidence for love and its effects.

Enough talk about intersectionality. A true friend, after all, is the barbbara who tells you the truth. Positive psychology has been criticized for ignoring the structural barbaga that underpin discrimination and inequality, and for over-emphasizing the power of individuals to shape their own horizons. Please check 20 images for licensing details.


Frankly, it’s confusing exactly why I’m as lukewarm on it as I am. Put differently, in making yourself bulletproof you may also fredrockson yourself to possibilities for true connection.

Those meditations weren’t anything I hadn’t seen before, but it did remind me just how powerful those techniques can be. The nice thing about knowing these things is that once you understand the importance of these preconditions you can actually build them up.

I also like that she spends the first third of the book talking about the science behind her work. Barbara Fredrickson transforms how we view love….

Love for Fredrickson is nothing more than momentary connection, so you can have episodes of love with your deli counter clerk, if you share a joke I just couldn’t connect with this book. If you would like to add your name to this list by supporting us with a grant, please contact a member of our team.

Fredrickson, who has twice consulted with the Dalai Lama, is part of a cascade of scientists and spiritual leaders connecting neuro-science and larger-than-me purpose. What story does this book change? I don’t know, I’m grasping at straws here. Hot Topics Today 1.

The book has two parts: Like muscle tone, the higher your vagal tone, the better. We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. In return, being healthier and happier would enable us to experience more love and become more resilient and wiser.