Seth Klarman of Baupost letter warns Capital poured into higher-risk venture investments at an accelerated pace in Japan’s. The Complete List of Q4 Hedge Fund Letters to Investors . The 10 Best Charlie Munger Quotes Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group. Gator Financial Partners Q2 investor letter . Howard Marks – Oaktree Capital Memos, Seth Klarman – The Baupost Group, Jamie Dimon.

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After all, it is unprecedented for the US to pass fiscal stimulus with an economy around full employment, as has happened in this cycle.

invetor That makes no sense. It would be greatly appreciated. In fact good value investors tend to out perform during bear lettet and under perform during bull markets. Bond investors are often similarly constrained. Haha – I can’t get past the fact he has “confidential – not for distribution” I think this quote really sums it up: Generally speaking, some of the world’s best and most prominent investors, such as Warren Buffett TradesPortfolioCharlie Munger TradesPortfolio and Carl Icahn TradesPortfolioadvocate using concentrated portfolios to generate the best returns.

This is also implying that you expect “good” investor to pick a stock that only goes up after they have bought it.

The fact is that tons of investors – and the market as a whole – have made tons of money during the last decade. Skip to ijvestor March 26, worldofvalueinvesting. Vast amounts of money relentlessly pouring into high-tech investments inevitably portends the loss of investment discipline in the sector.

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And after acknowledging that it is not possible to diversify away beta, he went on to say that the best strategy for investors looking to baaupost risk is not diversification, but solid fundamental research:. While, others are based on general “cheapness”, in which case most of us cannot tell with certainty when the gap will close between price and value.

And I think you’re under-estimating how irrational a market can be in a short term. I would say they generally fall into two categories: Hayden Capital – iQiyi.

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The off-balance sheet liabilities cannot be ignored. I think that depends on what the thesis was. That is perfectly okay. Ewing Morris June Jnvestor https: If not, you should for sure not invest. Short clips of market movements push the culture that investment decisions can be made in under a minute.

Seth Klarman on How to Diversify a Portfolio –

Moreover, the price recovery from a bottom can be very swift. Are there any other investment letters worth reading? As an investor, you should obviously do better than a random coin toss. If you ignore the liabilities, you clearly don’t understand the business mode. Munger would say, if you cannot handle a bit of under-performance, you deserve the average returns your going to get. Do you baulost cash out of savings to buy more?



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Gator Financial Partners Q2 investor letter. Buy stocks that look bad to less careful investors and hang on until their value is recognized.

He went on to say that it is his fiduciary duty to stop disclosing this info. It’s investod perfect mix of high-level thoughts and company-specific commentary. Third Point Capital on Nestle. He’s also not a good example because his performance since inception is well in excess of benchmarks. They’re in a position of strength. This is expected to reclassify Facebook and Alphabet into that new sector [ I just started reading other fund managers but the list is pretty comprehensive.

Einhorn is a good example. Probably because Einhorn’s been at the World Series of Poker the last few days, and maybe inveetor to wait on Netflix results.

Of course, this makes Mr Market redundant. They have come from zero there but they had a seven year head start and they are developing those relationships.

Longcast Advisors – https: Shout out to any of you who were able to get through Kerrisdale’s report in one sitting.