The BCSI B-Series Summary Sheets summarize each of the chapters of the BCSI book. B3 – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members. Refer to the BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members for more information. All other permanent bracing design is the. To view any of the BCSI documents click on the links below. BCSI-B1 Summary Sheet. Handling, Installing, & Bracing BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet. Web member .

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B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members |

Construction documents shall be dimensioned and drawn upon suitable material. Light-gauge cold-formed steel metal connector plates with pre-punched holes or, if cut to size, without holes but having identifying marks through which nails are bsci by hand or power means into the lumber.

Inspecte todas las conecciones. Attach the Diagonal Brace near the top of the web of the first Truss and near the bottom of the web of the second Truss. Columns laminated columns or posts are embedded in the ground or attached to a foundation using the method specified bbcsi the Building Designer. Person engaged in the fabrication of Trusses.

Examine the structure, including the framing system, bearing locations, and related installation locations and begin Truss installation only after any unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. An example of this Checklist is provided below. A Backup Ground Stake is an alternate method of reinforcement in poor soil conditions bcei Figure B, page A menudo el mismo arriostre puede ser usado para ambos funciones.

This is not required if the multi-ply girder is fastened by the Truss Manufacturer at the manufacturing plant, as the in-plant QC program and third-party inspection process assures that the fastening bxsi performed per the requirements of the TDD. Buildings under construction become more dangerous when constructed in high-wind conditions.

Any applicable provisions of all statutes, laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, codes, or orders of the governing Jurisdiction. Construction documents shall show the size, section and relative locations of structural members with floor levels, column centers and offsets dimensioned.


Some screw manufacturers require the screws be installed with the screw heads in the loaded ply, or require a reduction in screw capacity if the screw heads are installed in the unloaded ply. Report any damage before installation. Nominal 2×6 bcsu greater Bbcsi Lumber attached perpendicular to floor Trusses, often through the chase opening, and placed vertically against a vertical Web, or vertical block attached to the side of the Truss.

It is recommended that this review process be followed before any Truss handling operations are performed. Construction documents shall be in accordance with Sections Using a single pick-point at the peak can damge the Truss.

As with any Connection, the Toe-nailing shall be capable of resisting and transferring the applicable loads. Lateral Load transfer between the roof Diaphragm and supporting wall is through the heel of the Truss unless some other means is provided to transfer this Load directly between the roof sheathing and the wall plate.

Braces lap two rows of Lateral Restraint if Diagonal Brace is spliced. Crane Size Examples of Lateral Bending to be minimized when handling Trusses red line added to illustrate deviation from plane Bcsl size should be determined with consideration for both size and weight of the Trusses to be hoisted, as well as the total distance from the crane footing location s to the farthest point of Truss delivery.

Are all bearing supports accurately installed at the locations shown on the Construction Documents? Valley Set frames on top of lower roof. Person who is licensed to practice engineering as defined by the Legal Requirements of the Jurisdiction in which the Building is to be constructed and who supervises the preparation of the Truss Design Drawings. A Fall Protection Plan must be developed and evaluated on a site-by-site basis.

Example of balloon-framed Cbsi End wall. Submittal documents consisting of construction documents, and other data shall be submitted in two or more sets with each application for a permit. Attachment of residential decks to Trusses requires the use of a standard detail provided by the Truss manufacturer or by a registered design professional.

Proper Ground Bracing also requires lateral and strut Bracing to ensure stability and support see Figures B and 4, page The Truss Designer will specify the number of members in a multi-ply Girder Truss. Exercise caution to assure the Trusses are accurately located at their proper on-center spacing, while the Lateral Restraint is being applied.

  CPQRG 2011 PDF

SBCA Catalog: B3 Summary – 11″x17″ Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members

This provides the rigidity that prevents the Webs and the CLR from displacing laterally. Check and correct bearing wall deficiencies prior to starting the Truss erection process. T- L- costra, I- U-Refuerzo, refuerzo de metal patentando y productos de miembros secundarios amontonados proveen una alternativa para v3 el torcer de los miembros secundarios.

Followde the recommendations arriostre diagonal temporales. The Truss members form a rigid, planar, structural component and are usually assembled such that the members form triangles.

BCSI – Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, Restraining

The tolerances shown apply to Trusses bcai their permanently set position and assume the Top Chords are adequately restrained and braced by the diaphragm. Install stacks of materials as quickly as possible. Prior to beginning the repair, lay the Truss flat on a solid, level surface.

Connection options are also discussed for when toe-nailing is not enough. Do not walk on Trusses or Gable End Frames lying flat. Then, it is possible to drive multiple stakes along the length of this horizontal Tie Member as needed to develop the required lateral resistance by the earth. The appropriate fall protection method must be determined through a site-specific job hazard assessment JHA conducted by a qualified person who can design, install, and use fall protection systems and is bcdi to correct any n3.

Provide additional temporary Diagonal Bracing in the plane of the Bottom Chord as indicated in Figure B, on page 79, at intervals not to exceed ‘ or 12 Truss Spaces, whichever is less. Check Trusses for dimensions and damage as soon as they arrive on the site to avoid possible installation bbcsi. Web member reinforcement shown on the TDD for these frames is required to prevent column buckling of the web members bcssi to the vertical Loads applied to the Truss.