In the s, budding cooks could learn the art of housekeeping from Be-Ro Home Recipes: Scones, Cakes, Pastry, Puddings, a book. A cookbook is a book that contains information on cooking. It typically contains a collection of recipes, and may also include information on ingredient origin. My Mum has an even older copy this one, though the recipes are identical. Be-Ro still makes flour and Be-Ro recipe books are still printed.

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I thought I would start a series of posts on the cook books — and clokbook of cookery writing — that I think are the best out there.


I end the post with my favourite recipe from the book — Butter Tarts. Well it is this book that got me into cookery gero the first place because it was the one my Mum used when I was growing up. Before I was even thought of my Mum owned a bakery and so we had the luxury of having most things baked or cooked from scratch.

This was the go-to book for all the family staples, and when I was off school on holiday and it was cookboko outside she would entertain me and my brother by giving us pastry trimmings to cut out. So I was essentially brought up on this book and its recipes, and it is certainly where I got my enthusiasm for cooking; I have been conditioned to feel at home in the kitchen.

I know that the Be-Ro Flour Company was formed in the s, so it dates the book to the s. My Mum has an even older copy this one, though the recipes are identical. Luckily shortbread escapes this, but buttercream does not.

cpokbook You are forgiven for not holding this book in as high esteem as I do, yet the classics are here, and they bring back great childhood memories. Many of the recipes are coming back into fashion, especially now that budgets are a little less flexible and the weather is cold and wet. Personal favourites of mine include a really excellent moist and light milk chocolate cake; its secret is the inclusion of evaporated milk and my Mum still bakes it.

The steamed sponge puddings are excellent too as are the many tea loaves. It does fail on a terrible recipe for flapjacks that uses cornflakes instead of oats. In my opinion these butter tarts are the best things in this book, though I have made a few changes to the original recipe.

Favourite Cook Books No. 1: The Be-Ro Book | British Food: A History

The filling is a mixture of raisins in a sweet caramel sauce that forms a delicious chewy crust as it bakes. Melt the butter in a saucepan, take off the heat and stir in the remaining ingredients. Add 2 teaspoons of mixture per tray — this should be just enough for 12 tarts.

Coombook as bakingbooksfoodbfrotarts. Reblogged this on Treasures and Memories. Thanks, I shall use this with great satisfaction over the summer. It back to basics, which in my opinion, is the best way forward…. Do you have a copy of it? I shall have a little google search later…. I agree — they are the best books. Thanks for your comment Lystra — I think my mumhas the same editions you grew up with. They are great and still very relevent, and reasonable thrifty too.


I have a copy of the Sixteenth Edition given to me by my mother in the U. I live in Canada and still love to refer to this book and just to have it in my possession is great. I have enjoyed recipes from the Be-Ro cookbook. Unfortunately, living in Canada, I am unable to purchase the book.

My husband is from Malta, Europe and both is mother and sisters use the book. Suggestions on how I can purchase the recipe book would be greatly appreciated.

I found a website but it was for UK only. After that, I am not sure…. My books are tidied away at the moment as I am doing lots of stuff to the house. That brings back so many memories of my childhood. It has travelled many miles and seen many kitchens and is now back in the UK where I am now.

It is a wonderful baking book. I did wonder at the many margarine references rather than butter but now I know why! The Easy Fruit Cake on the next page is a brilliant recipe and has been a staple in my house every year. Thanks for your comment Suzy! Our teacher would select a recipe for us to make, but as our education progressed she advised us to get our own copy.

Since which time it has been a constant on my cookery bookshelf — you can tell which one it is — it is the dog-eared one right at the front.

I taught both my children to cook, using Be-Ro, and now my grandchildren are being taught by their parents using the good old Be-Ro.

The recipes are clear and easy to folllow, with familIarity comes the confidence to experiment with the basis recipes, and that is how our family favourites came about. This is one of my most popular posts — definitely the most comment on. Many thanks Alison ……………………….

I can do that for you, but they seem to be rather pricey these days! Even relatively recent ones are going for over a tenner on Amazon!

Have only just visited this site cooibook so many people have memories of Be-Ro. I first used one in home ec at school — still refer to it loads of years later. It is amazing how important and relevant this book was and still is! Thanks for your comments Sheila. I cookhook have the now very tatty copy that my Mum had when I was a child. No date or edition statement, but there are some line drawings in the style of the s. I have some managed to acquire 3 copies!

The Centenary one, another around 5 years older [similar to yours perhaps? THey all have identical cookbooj in them!

I hope that helps. There is no colour in it, all line drawings. I remember her using it when I was a kid in the 60s. She passed in I kept her copy and when I got married in I wrote to Bero and they sent me an updated copy which is almost identical printed in It truly is an amazing book, but beware!


The more recent editions have been a bit trendied up. Gone is the recipe for butter tarts, for example, and instead cupcakes and frosting. I have one from the late nineties that is pretty much the same as the original. Cheques or postal orders only. I have a very tatty but well loved copy of Bero Book from the early s. I use it a lot and it is associated with wonderful memories of baking with my mum, grandmas and friends whilst a student at Aberdeen Unifersity.

Be-Ro – Wikipedia

It is a classic! They might be able to help? Hundreds of cakes were baked for church occasions, coffee mornings, bazaars, you name it in the s and 70s. I gave my copy to a friend, but kept the Centenary version as cookbook cure for homesickness here in Denmark! And often double all the quantities — it freezes well. We simply put white chocolate buttons on the top when the cake comes out of the oven, or a mixture of dark and white for a marbled effect, and then spread them gently when they melt.

I make several of the other recipes regularly too…. Thanks so much for your comment. My mum has a very early version which is tiny and very well loved. I expect it to be left to me coolbook the will! It pleases me that there is a sprinkling of people all over the world that use this book.

Can anyone give me the recipe for easy fruit cake? They certainly can — some might have to be bought in specialist shops or online when i lived in the US, suet had be bought online I remember. Let me know if you need anything explaining. There was also a recipe for a self saucing chocolate sponge pudding. I mentioned this to my dookbook the other day but unfortunately she has lost her prized recipe book. Any help would be gratefully received.

Hi Paul — sorry for the late reply! I have no recollection of such a cake, but some of the recipes did change between editions.

I hope someone spots it in one of their editions! We loved it as children!!! I am one of the little girls on the back of the Be-Ro recipe book. This picture coobook taken from the 40 minute demonstration film made at Daybrook, Nottingham. She and her husband Colin were friends of my parents.

The other children, Wendy, Cookbook and Raymond were all the children of employees at their Daybrook works. The film, a very early advertising film made before the advent of ITV, for many years went on its rounds to WIs and suchlike places.

Does any know whether the film exists in any form. It would be good to see it again.