capabilities. The Charles Beseler Company, manufacturers of your Beseler 23C Enlarger, was founded in. –over a century ago! Our work has always. Beseler 23C Series Enlargers. DESCRIPTION. The 23CIII-XL offers a uniquely designed negative stage control which makes alignment easier and more precise . The American made Beseler 23CIII-XL Enlarger is one of the world’s most popular medium format enlargers. Well over half a million have been purchased since.

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Beseler 23c

The Beseler 23C enlarger is one of the best enlargers made. Introduced init is still in.

They are easy to find and use. You can contact Beseler at their website: The maximum size print you can make beseer a 23C on the baseboard depends upon three factors: Here are the maximum print sizes for the 23C enlargers:.


Since the 23C heads can be flipped to a horizontal position for wall projection, you can enlarge to any size only limited by the size of your darkroom! Beselet of the basic 23C Models: There were numerous different color heads available from Beseler over the years for the 23C enlargers: Theses are intended for use with gelatin filters and are not true color heads.

They are condenser heads that Beseler marked as “color” for marketing reasons in the ‘s. The best heads are the current 23C III series heads. Click here for parts list.

Here’s a list of the Beseler accessories made for the 23C enlargers over the years. Ebay is a good source for these parts.

If you know of an item that I don’t have listed, please email me! There are a number of third party accessories that were made fro the 23C enlarger.

If I’m missing any please email me and I will add it!


Sometimes no one makes what you need for your 23C. SK Grimes did the job.

Beseler 23c for sale | eBay

They are a great company and they have made many custom items for me over the years. They can mount just about any enlarging lens on a Beseler 4×4 lens board. They mounted up a Nikon EL-Nikkor mm that had an oddball thread size. Contact the wizards of SK Grimes at http: