The American made Beseler 23CIII-XL Enlarger is one of the world’s most popular medium format enlargers. Well over half a million have been purchased since. Hey everyone! I was wondering what your thoughts on this enlarger are? I am looking to purchase it, it comes with EL-Nikkor 75mm lens f4 – f I have an offer from someone who is selling a Beseler 23C II that is in VGC. It includes a Beseler 50 mm EL (I plan on getting a nikkor, Rodagon, etc at a later .

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There was a pretty neat set up for sale on Ebay so i picked it up. The enlarger i purchased was the Beseler 23CII. Here is a picture of the enlarger itself: Here is everything beseoer Here is description from the seller: Accepts sturdy, spring-loaded, aluminum alloy negative carriers that can be revolved for precise image positioning, as well as accepting the Beseler Rapid-shift 35mm and Nega-trans film carriers Snap-in, quick change metal lens boards, with a swing-out below-the-lens accessory holder I need 32c buy a lens for this enlarger.

Which one is the best to use for 35MM? What tips do you suggest to get the most out of this equipment? Thank you in advance! Just dial all color knobs to zero.

Does it have a lens? If not for 35mm you need a 50mm. I am very happy with my El Nikkor 50mm 2. Looks like you got a great package and hopefully at a good price. Thank you so much! I also wanted to know if i can manipulate the contrast on this enlarger.


Beseler 23c

The enlarger in my class allowed me to that. You can use the yellow filter to lower contrast and the magenta filter to increase contrast.

Most variable contrast paper instruction sheets will tell you how much yellow or magenta to use to emulate normal, low or high contrast. AJGMay 15, Congratulations on your new Beseler enlarger! As you 233c see from fleabay, there are MANY accessories available–ranging from heads, to negative carriers, and other accessories. Of the latter, you are good through medium format and every odd thing below that.

The two standard lenses are 50mm for 35mm as noted by Craigand 80mm for medium format.

Beseler 23C Enlarger

As to lenses, in my opinion there are only three beeseler you really need to pay attention to. In the latter for a beginner, my suggestion is the more economical S in the Rodenstock if considering that make. They have served perfectly for over 15 years now–and both were purchased on fleabay.

The thing to watch for in buying a used lens is clarity. Often enlargers were stuffed away in closets and garages after the photographer lost interest or jumped to digital–in less than optimal conditions.

Your lens should be free of fungus, and watch that the cement for the lens elements has not begun separating on the edges. There are older lenses and brands such as Wollensak which are common and perfectly serviceable as well–but to avoid mechanical issues and other consideration think about sticking with the three brands mentioned.


Here is a nice overview of enlarger lenses: Paper brands such as Ilford include tables for settings–which will get you into the general range for a specific paper contrast grade. These settings are not absolute, as the dyes in the filters will change slightly as they age. A bit of wetwork will get you right where you want to be. For more absolutes, Ilford sells a set of variable contrast filters.

One can use these as a reference standard to make adjustments to the table–and thusly you can create a paper table that is unique to how your dichro head and light source are performing. Have fun, and enjoy the process of wet darkroom art! PapaTangoMay 16, I used to do this sort of thing, had a loverly darkroom with all the bells and whistles.

Beseler 23CII Enlarger | Photography Forums

Now, like so many others, all torn down and thrown away not by me. Here is a oldie on design of the darkroom: JDMvWMay 16, All of you have been absolutely wonderful thank you very much!

Once i have the funds i’ll make sure to buy what i need. I printed them out and i’ll make sure to reference them when constructing the darkroom. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: