Bewitching [Jill Barnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Duke of Belmore is horrified to learn that his beloved Joy MacQuarrie is a. What’s a duke to do when a carefully selected bride rejects him rather than marry without love? He salvages his pride by marrying the next woman who falls into. Read Bewitching by Jill Barnett by Jill Barnett by Jill Barnett for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Alec, Duke of Belmore, did as he pleased and he wanted to marry the beautiful, bubbly girl who had positively bewitched him: Joyous MacQuarrie, who had appeared from nowhere and turned stately Belmore Park upside down with merriment and mischief. It hardly mattered that her Scottish bloodline was shrouded in mystery. But Alec’s heated desire turned ice-cold when he discovered that this winsome lady was, in fact, a witch whose powers of white magic were not always perfectly under control Too late, Joy knew she was desperately in love and that nothing could stop the course of their destiny the scandal barmett to destroy her and the passion that held them both spellbound in a forbidden, irresistible match.

Mass Market Paperbackpages. Published October 1st jilp Pocket Books first published May 1st To see what your hill thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Bewitchingplease sign up. Lists with This Book. In this charming fairy-tale of a romance, will a lovely and clumsy witch be able to have a starchy and uptight duke say: It’s not a common occurrence in Regency England that a powerful and cold peer of the realm finds himself with a witch just fallen into his arms, but it’s exactly what happens to the Duke of Belmore on one fateful winter day.

The uninvited green-eyed and mink-haired bewitchin in question is no other than Joyous Fiona In this charming fairy-tale of a romance, will a lovely and clumsy witch be able to have a harnett and uptight duke say: The uninvited green-eyed and mink-haired bwrnett in question is no other than Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie, an adorable as much as bungling sorceress from Scotland, mis-landed, and thus misplaced on Belmore’s ducal lap bewittching coach, thanks to a botched spell of her own doing nothing new theremeant instead to send her rusticating in a country cottage while her aunt and mentor is away for a two-years “business” convention.

Due to destiny, to magic or to the unwritten law that always wants opposites inexorably attracting each other, the freshly jilted Belmore seizes the opportunity to put a convenient patch on what could likely be his first social besmirching unthinkable! What ensues is a totally endearing, quirky and funny story of love and salvation, where a young woman finds a balancing centre for her whirly and sparkly self and a lonely duke finds the joy, both with j and J, he needed to unthaw his frosted heart, if only he would bewwitching himself admit it.

With well-rounded side characters, witty banters, lazy overweight weasels chewing valets’ queues, sneezes that could send Prinny toppling from his regent’s throne and levitations capable to raise the arses together with their respective aristocratic ballooning egos, prepare yourselves for a bubbling and lighthearted romp, where at the bqrnett you’ll rediscover that true love is the most powerful bewitchment of them all Oh, and after reading this book, you won’t be able to nonchalantly look at rose beiwtching for a while Written back inBewitching has greatly withstood the test of time for me.


The writing still feels refreshingly lively and engaging, keeping the best of the closing ’80s in terms of polished and lush prose while presenting an already much more relaxed and good-humoured battle of the sexes dressed in a sweetly spicy supernatural sauce. This was my first Jill Barnett and despite her being one of the “golden-oldies” of the ’90s, I strangely hadn’t tried any of her books before and bewutching I plan to backlist more, hoping they will leave a happy smile on my face like this one brnett.

So, why are you still wasting time listening to me? Pick up your magic beeitching oh, come on, we all have one! View all 27 comments. After the woman he was supposed to marry runs off with another man, Alec, the Duke of Belmore finds himself facing humiliation.

Bewitching (Bewitching, book 1) by Jill Barnett

And with a lifetime of protecting the Belmore name that’s something he cannot countenance. When Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie literally crashes into his life, he sees a way to protect the family name so he uill manipulates her into a quickie wedding.

But what he doesn’t know is Joyous is a witch, and not just any witch. Jiol the witch whose every spell goes awry, and th After the woman he was supposed to marry bewitchnig off with another man, Alec, the Duke of Belmore finds himself facing humiliation.

She’s the witch whose every spell goes awry, and that’s when she’s on her game. When she has a cold She drives the austere Duke to distraction, but she could very well be the one person who can save him from what he has become and bring bewitchingg into his life. Bewitching is quite a hoot.

It’s a witty and occasionally downright funny love story. I think the love scenes were a little too much I mean two weeks could pass in barneht few pages and then the author would spend half a chapter on a single love scene. They seemed a little out of proportion to the story, but setting that aside, this book is a lot of fun. Jun 19, FicTalk Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reviewed by Heather Bewitching by Jill Barnett is not a hot new book just out on the best sellers list.

As a matter of fact, it was first published back in But when someone sent it to me and told me I had to read it, I trusted them completely. I am so glad I did because this book was amazing. She often finds herself having to clean up quite the mess.

When her aunt is sent to America for two years for council busine Reviewed by Heather Bewitching by Jill Barnett is not a hot new book just out on the best sellers list. When her aunt is sent to America for two years for council business, she is expected bewittching go to another estate in London. Alec, who likes to be known as the duke of Bellmore, is told by an old woman on a street corner that he will not marry the woman he is supposed to, but that he will jill the next woman he meets.

She says that he will never barjett bored again. After he is denied by Lady Juliet Spencer, his intended bride, he finds himself in quite the predicament. Alec decides that Joy will fix the problem bewwitching is currently in and asks Joy to marry him…that night. Almost immediately after marrying, Alec begins to understand what the old lady meant by never being bored again.

His home is no longer quiet and controlled, but it is filled with many strange happenings…from messed up clocks to dancing statues. When he finds that she is indeed a witch, Alec agrees to stay married to Joy, but only if she agrees that she will do no more witchcraft. I truly fell in love with this book. It had the right amount of romance. It had me laughing quite a bit. Joy often finds herself in situations that are comical. You do not want to be around her when she goes into a sneezing fit.


Barnett truly has a way with writing. She has you feeling quite sorry for Joy when she is reprimanded by Alec for more of her magic, but yet you also feel that you understand why exactly Alec is the way he is.

If you get the chance to read this book, I think you should jump on it. It was the perfect book for me because it had a supernatural element to it and also, of course, romance.

Mar 11, Jenny Johnson rated it it was amazing. This is the book that made me a reader! I remember one time before I was allowed to read romance novelslying in bed with my mother, who was reading this book fresh off the bookstands. Periodically, my mother would burst into spontaneous laughter. She even found some of it funny enough chapter 13, for example to read it out loud to her impressionable young daughter me. Over the years, I became more and more curious about it, and as soon as I felt she would allow it, I asked my mother to p This is the book that made me a reader!

Over the years, I became more and more curious about it, and as soon as I felt she would allow it, I asked my mother to please find the book that had her laughing so hard those years before and allow me to read it. I am now a grown woman with children of my own, and that copy of my mother’s has been read so many times by me that she had to buy me a newer copy just so I would quit reading hers before the binding completely gave way.

The sequel, Dreaming, is also wonderful and quite amusing, but Bewitching will always have a special place in my heart as it is the book that made me fall in love with reading while I fell in love with Alec, Duke of Belmore and his darling Joyous Fiona MacQuarry. Barnett, for writing this wonderful book! Audible, narrated by Anna Johnstonbrown. Every syllable sits up straight — even the ones that should be more branett — every t is ttttotttally sharp, every d is dddistinct. She pronounced the word ducal wrong every single time — at least a dozen.

The doo-call cres 3 or 4 stars. What a shame, because this narrator has a voice I could listen to for hours on end with pleasure. Authentic portrayal of various emotions. Male voices are credible. But the overly stressed pronunciation distracted me from the story. An amusing yet poignant story, if predictable and redundant.

I liked the scenes with Stephan. Wish he’d shown up earlier. Lots of explicit sex. Nothing to sneeze at.

Desert Isle Keeper

View all 6 comments. Aug 31, Sha Mslvoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have fell in love with this author. Bewitchung the moment I pickup this book, I fell in love with Joy and Alec. The Seymour also makes me smile with his words. This book totally bewitched me. Full of fun and wit.