Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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If he were just sitting in the last carriage, he varnanqm have covered only, say, five miles when the train had covered that distance and stopped. Erich Van Daniken was surprised to find marvellous examples of human genius among the ruins of Maya Civilisation, America for details, one may look into his very interesting book ‘the Chariots of the Gods’.

This earth provides happy conditions to one and all. Incidentally, we may note that Acharya Sri Madhva is described as a personality of eight feet in height and that every one could have darsan of the bust of that personality as he moved in the midst of crowds in procession.

From the base to the top the mountain measures 84, yojanas. Since RShu and Ketu pester the moon also by cutting off the moon’s rays coming to us, their planet should be nearer to our earth than the moon.

Adi Sesa is only like a tool in the hands of a master. Compare this with the modern astronomical figure, 9,30, miles. Moving slower than the Kala Vatnanam, the sun touches the constellations behind, gradually, one after the other.


Some say it is 20, and 20, – ‘dviguna’. Since corn seeds and other things were larger in size during the ‘Krta yuga’, the measurements are based on the sizes of the mustard seeds and paddy seeds of that yuga. But, the Himalaya mountain with which we are familiar is only 50 yojanas miles wide, 1 yojana 5. They do certainly go one full round along with the Kala Cakra every day, keeping the Lord and the Meru below to their right.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

This is history of the period of the famous Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar. Being scared by the ruffles resulting from religious fervour, many would like to keep religion away from public life. Badarayana Murthy has done well in bringing this great work on world Geography to the notice of modern scholars.

This is factual and not fictitious. The fact is different. This Ilavrta Varsa is bounded by four mountains on the four sides. It is thus to be conceived cleverly, not simply clinging to the word meaning. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri Vadiraja tirtha to such readers who do not know Sanskrit.

This Kalpa has run a course of six Manu Kalpas and we are now under the regime of the seventh Manu, Vaivaswata.

Bhugola Varnanam Sanskrit (By Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Maharaja)

There is monumental evidence for all this if one cares to inspect. Each just swings along In its own orbit according to law. At present, science and traditional knowledge seem to be at loggerheads. The boundary moun- tain on the north is ”Sveta’. The sun takes one month to cover each constellation by the retrogression, as it were.


Even when the demons are there in Bhugoka belly, they suffer pains so natural to their bhugkla non-material bodies – sore-eyes, headache, stomach pain and also different kinds of bodily and mental illness. It is thus to be construed because it is said that there is an island called ‘ Candradvlpa ‘within the area covered by the moon’s orbit, yojanas away from JambCdvipa and that it is yojanas wide.

However, their spiritual presence in the planets is negligible. The fundamental error that is being committed today by philosophers, scientists and the common folk is their 36 blind dependence on the theory of evolution and rejecting the truth about God and His creation. The first one is used to give subtle bodies to divine agents and to create the physical mind which finds location in our nervous system, in the spinal chord at the heart level. All the puranic concepts, figures and stories are historical.

But, it seems, my father saw the yeti twice; and I cannot disbelieve his words”. There is 43 a parallel of this in the puranas.