View and Download Bosch VMD01 M50 PAL operating instructions manual online. Security Sensors Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual. Related Manuals for Bosch VMD01 M50 PAL. Security Sensors Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual. Digital detector ( pages).

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To distinguish between wooden and metal objects, switch to the detecting-metal function see “Detecting Metal Objects”.

Operating Modes The measuring tool detects objects below the sensor area 9. Move the measuring tool over the surface repeatedly to localise the wooden object more precisely.

Die Zoom-Messanzeige e ist bei der Suche nach Holzobjekten nicht aktiv. Switching On and Off B Before switching the measuring tool on, make sure that the sensor bedienungsanlsitung 9 is not moist. Store and transport the measuring tool only in the supplied protective case. In the detecting wooden objects’ function, the “AutoCal” calibration indicator g goes out as long as the “ZOOM” button 4 is not pressed.

Do not dispose bedienungsnleitung measuring tools into household waste! The metal detection indicator symbol c is indicated in the display and the illuminated ring 1 lights up green. For this, completely remove the felt pads and glue the new felt pads onto the same spots. The illuminated ring 1 lights up red and a steady tone sounds as long as the measuring tool is over the wooden object. Detecting Wooden Objects When scanning for wooden objects, press the wood-detection button 5.

Deposite el aparato de medida sobre la superficie a explorar. Then press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed. The “Zoom” measuring indicator e has the greatest amplitude over the centre of the metal object. Ist das Messwerkzeug sehr nahe an der Leitung vier bzw. B Saque la pila del aparato de medida si pretende no utilizarlo durante largo tiempo.


GMS M Professional , Detector | Bosch

Greenhills Road Tallaght-Dublin 24 Service: Insert the supplied battery. Product Bedienungsanlwitung The numbering of the product features shown refers to the illustration of the measuring tool on the graphic page.

Wipe away debris or contamination with a dry, soft cloth. Move the measuring tool over the surface repeatedly to localise the wooden object more precisely. The “Zoom” measuring indicator zlom is inactive when scanning for wooden objects.

Pay attention that the polarity is correct, according to the representation on the inside of the battery lid. If this file was helpful. Once you zolm found the limits or the centre of an object, simply mark the sought after location through the marking opening 2. Wires that are not “live” can be found as metal objects with the detecting-metal function. Bei abgeschaltetem Signalton erscheint im Display die Anzeige j.

Please unfold the fold-out page with the representation of the measuring tool and leave it unfolded while reading the operating instructions. Bedienunysanleitung the battery indication k and the illuminated ring 1 red are flashing, measuring is no longer possible and the battery or the rechargeable battery respectively, must be replaced. Do not use cleaning agents or solvents. Observe only the zoom measuring indicator e for the scan. Observe only the zoom measuring indicator e for the scan. Litzenkabel werden dabei nicht angezeigt im Bedienungsanlektung zu Vollmaterialkabeln.

Funktionen – Bosch VMD01 M50 PAL Operating Instructions Manual [Page 42]

During the scan, the felt pads 8 must always have contact with the structure. After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder. Replace the felt pads when they are damaged or used.

When switching the measuring tool on with the wood-detection button 5 or with the metal-detection button 6, it will automatically be in the respective detection function.

Bosch GMS 100 M Professional

At the position of maximum amplitude, the metal object is located below the centre of the sensor below the marking opening 2. Intended Use The measuring tool is intended for the detection of metals ferrous and non-ferrous metals, e. In this case, press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed while continuing to move the measuring tool over the area. Verlief die Kalibrierung erfolgreich, dann startet das Messwerkzeug nach einigen Sekunden neu und ist wieder betriebsbereit.


En caso de no activarse ninguna tecla dmg aparato de medida durante aprox. For this, press the metaldetection button 6 bedienungsanleitun the wood-detection button 5 at the same time.

For this, remove all objects in the vicinity of the measuring tool including wrist watches or rings of metal and hold the measuring tool up in the air. When the measuring tool comes close to a metal object, then the amplitude of the measuring indicator f increases; when it moves away from the object, the amplitude decreases.

Si el tiempo de almacenaje es prolongado, la pila se puede llegar a corroer o autodescargar.

In this case, send in the measuring tool to an authorised Bosch after-sales service agent. With the “ZOOM” button 4 pressed, move the measuring tool uniformly above the structure without lifting it off or changing the applied pressure.

Bosch VMD01 M50 PAL Operating Instructions Manual: Funktionen

Operating temperature Storage temperature Battery Rechargeable battery Operating lifetime alkali-manganese batteries approx. After moving over the same area several times, the wooden object can be indicated quite accurately: In this case, always use the “Zoom” function for the scan. These ranges can be recognised in the metal detection function.

The trade names of the individual measuring tools may vary. When the battery indication k bedienhngsanleitung, measuring is still possible for approx.