Diplomatic Immunity (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a Komarran merchant . Rephrase, O Diplomat. “Does it make it any easier, that it’s the second time, for you?” Her expression grew introspective. “Nikki was a body birth; of course. She has won an unprecedented four Hugo Awards for works in the Vorkosigan Saga. Bujold has published sixteen novels to date, all but one with Baen Books.

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So when a merchant fleet from Komarr is assembled it is escorted by Barrayan military. Waiting on Graf Station are diplomatic snarls, tangled loyalties, old friends, new enemies, racial tensions, lies and deceptions, mysterious disappearances, and a lethal secret with wider consequences than even Miles anticipates: One behaves like common ruthless criminals and another playing mad scientists.

The haut ladies’ own gene bank.

Diplomatic Immunity (novel) – Wikipedia

On the other hand, the comedy is a part of what makes these novels so entertaining and I missed it in Diplomatic Immunity. Varient Cover 5 25 Jan 19, Diplomatic Immunity Author s: I hope the remaining three volumes will come back to the parts of Vorkosigan saga I really enjoy. Bujo,d a wife of high Vor Lord she will do. Bujold is a terrific, natural storyteller – and if you’ve ever read buold of her work, you don’t need me to tell you that!


Oct 27, Megan Baxter rated it really liked it.

This time it’s no exception and as my friend Evgeny immuinty the Cetagandans are scary and make the other universal bad guys of the Vorkosiverse – the Jacksonians – look like elementary school bullies. The fleet stayed put for a time while they tried to find him, but there was no success fiplomatic the search was in danger of being called off. Please select region, state or province. It was wonderful seeing Bel Thorne again, she’s happy and immunit love and we were able to dish the dirt on Ekaterin.

This book brings together Bujold’s long-running Vorkosigan series the the quaddies who originally bunold in the separate story Falling Free, though one quaddie has appeared in an erlier Vorkosigan Dubauer’s body language seemed off to Bel; when Miles learned this, he decided to check out the cargo – the fetuses turned out to be not sheep and goats but Cetagandan haut babies. The Best Books of And guess who is ordered to put an end to his honeymoon journey and go clean up the mess: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Not on Miles’ watch!

There’s no more connection between the stories. Appearances of even-handedness to Komarrans would be essential. The Quaddie leaders are not amused and retaliate by arresting a bunch of Barrayaran troublemaker. How scientifically proph Another solid story in the Vorkosigan cannon.

Another solid story in the Vorkosigan cannon. The story as it first came out was: Some things were confusing to me, but that seems to be standard for any tale involving Cetagandans.


Diplomatic Immunity

Her work has been translated into over twenty languages. Diplomatic Immunity is more of a murder mystery but as fans of the series know Miles can fill any role. Quotes from Diplomatic Immunity.

Retrieved from ” https: Its been a long time since I read Falling Freeso setting the book in Quaddiespace was a treat for me. Ekaterin played a minor role in this one but it was an important one.

Diplomatic ImmunityBook Curiously enough both of my buddy readers rated it lower. A rather fascinating view of the prior-to-tale events for Diplomatic Immunity can be seen here. Preventing interstellar war is a tough job, but fortunately Miles has his lady working beside him, in the best tradition of Nick and Nora Charles or Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.

Diplomatic Immunity Vorkosigan Saga Author s: The poor guy needs a break if he is to live long enough to see his children graduate.

It stole the haut children of Rho Ceta not djplomatic as a core population for its planned new society, but as I would go with mad scientists all the time.