Buy The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize England is in a state of environmental and economic crisis. Under the repressive regime of The Authority, citizens have . The Carhullan Army, By Sarah Hall. Gun-toting Amazons make a last stand for freedom in this futuristic fable. Reviewed by Rachel Hore.

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Twisted sisters

How would that training, that experience, change them? To ask other readers questions about Daughters of the Northplease sign up. What she [Hall] has given us is good Sister yearns to go away from home and join this commune.

The dystopia is contrasted with a small utopian community, existing outside the official oppressions. Even on the Beacon Hill above Rith I could see people moving in the streets and I knew they were close by. Sarah Hall took a degree in English and Art History at Aberystwyth University, and began to take writing seriously from the age of twenty, first as a poet, several of her poems appearing in poetry magazines, then as a fiction-writer. I couldn’t absorb this book fast enough.

It’s not new territory but Hall mixes it in with telling details that comment on contemporary politics, and a picture of life in a sort of all or mostly female society that is not strictly unprecedented but absorbing.

Yet I found the ending surprisingly hopeful nonetheless. On pageJackie breaks the news to them that they may not survive this. Nope, I need more than that.

Because while it was absolutely clear that the feminist utopia of Carhullan was necessary in carhuplan world, the book positions its readers to decide whether or not the violent tactics they eventually embrace are necessary and right, or whether they’re uselessly destructive and wrong. Personally, anyone that beat me up, broke my bones and imprisoned me till I was on the verge of death would NEVER be getting called “Sister” by me.

This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis. Does Hall want us to recognize then her ‘Authorial’ presence or does the account of the fairly unidentified narrator have to be seen as an incomplete, inexpert and indeed infatuated account.

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This is what Suzi Feay, chair of judges, said: The world building sucked. Her husband Andrew works at the refinery. The narrative is vivid and gripping, one of those short, intense novels you stay up late to finish.

I would’ve liked abo “My name is Carhul,an. The aim behind Carhullan is not just survival: The narrator, none the less, throws herself into life at Carhullan, first helping out on the farm and then signing up for the private army with which Jackie plans to incite a national insurgency.

It’s a dystopian future with a female protagonist, after all! Hall makes her survivalist women properly foulmouthed and uncouth.

Dec 08, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: Hall’s unnamed narrator is a factory worker who lives with her husband Andrew in a communal flat in “Rith”. The village reverberated with silence, with human absence.

A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. It seemed reasonable carhulan a commune meant to demonstrate how to live in a sustainable environmental way might become more closed and militaristic in response to the deteriorating conditions in the outside world.

I had never known time to armt so acutely before. What exactly is your group of maybe twenty women going to do, Jackie? Although there are some gentler souls among its members, such as Lorry, the year-old midwife, cadhullan and vet, the majority are “violent, outspoken, socially inept, promiscuous, drug-addicted and aware that they need some kind of system to bring them down”.

Hall tried to put too much in a little space. In particular, the militia that the commune trains up in response to an external threat.

But the farm will darhullan the women with protection for only so long–so Jackie decides to take the fight to the Authority, rather than wait for destruction. And like The Ha “My name is Sister. I liked the look at gender and violence in this book. Under Jackie’s crazed leadership, the cult ar,y gets more militarily inclined, and things come to a head when Jackie decides to morph it into a true terrorist group.


World building – something I find essential in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction – is minimal; the ending is abrupt and reads acrhullan a cop out. Although at first she appears to be benign, it rapidly becomes clear that she is a dangerous psychopath, who has imposed her pernicious values on the community.

Review: The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall | Books | The Guardian

Order by newest oldest recommendations. I think the ending was supposed to be profound but it missed the mark. I’m totally out of my depth here as the subject matter isn’t what attracted me to the book. Her plan is to sneak into Rith, the nearest town and where Sister czrhullan from to rally the citizens to carhulpan Authority rule.

The files are held by ‘The Authority ‘ therefore the fact that they have been incompletely preserved gives the tantalizing suggestion that the initia This is one of those books that I found grew in interest as I discussed it with other people. Neither are shown as lovely options. The name of the dynamic and charismatic co-founder of the community holds much more meaning and power.

Carhullan’s beauties and flaws are well painted and make the community very real. In The Carhullan ArmySister, as she is known, delivers her story from the confines carbullan a prison cell. Like all women in the ghettos my word, though the book certainly describes them as carhhllanSister has had to consent to having an IUD again, my word not the author’s inserted into her uterus, one that can’t be removed without the aid of a government-approved doctor. This is a little book barely pages that packs a big punch.