I already have an application in a cfgrid which I need to modify so that it maintains the selected row after doing an update. This requires a refresh to bring back. how to bind cfgrid to cfc in virtual directory. I can not find the answer to this. I’m trying to bind a grid to a cfc that is in a virtual directory. It is a windows server using. I also have noticed this odd behavior. I haven’t found a solution for the “html” format. The workaround i’ve used is the “flash” format. The one.

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Allows the user to select only one cell; does not allow editing. Sign up using Email and Password.

Oddly, I just noticed that I can change what is passed along in the unchanged columns based upon cfgridd cell I have selected when I click the submit button. You can insert and delete rows. The Group By This Field option sets the grouping to use the selected column. In general, the data returned falls into one of these categories: Other modes are row, column, and edit.

Users display the pull-down menu by moving the mouse over a column head and clicking the down arrow that appears You can use this attribute with static grids only, do not use it with dynamic grids that get their data using bind expressions.


This attribute is ignored if you specify a query attribute. In Flash and applet format, must be a number of pixels. Puts the contents of the Ro column in the query results in the second column of the grid. When Yes, image buttons are used for the Insert, Go, and Sort actions rather than text buttons. The grid retrieves data for each page only when it is required for display.

Added ability to use the insert attribute in HTML grids. Selecting a cell lets the user edit the cell.

coldfusion – Why does cfGrid appear to be passing the incorrect data? – Stack Overflow

I can then use the “queryRowNum” array to know which query row will need updated with the new data. URL to associate with the grid item or a query column for a grid that is populated from a query. Update ccgrid data source with ccgrid cfquery tag Create a ColdFusion page with the following content: Create the editable grid Create a ColdFusion page with the following content: The following table describes some navigating tips: Background color for a selected item.

For this tag to work properly in either Flash or applet format, the browser must also be JavaScript-enabled.

ColdFusion Help | cfgrid

Where gridname is the name of the CFGRID, colname is the name of the column, and value is the index position containing the grid data. ColdFusion also maintains both the value of the edited cell and the original value in one-dimensional arrays.


Enter a numeric value for the number of pixels to determine the minimum row height for the grid control. Ignored if there is no bind attribute. I haven’t found a solution for the “html” format. Background color value for the grid control. All rows for a particular change have the same index in all arrays.

Does not allow users to select fields in this column for editing. Closes the cfif tag used to select among deleting, updating, and cfgrrid.

Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag

If you set this option, the column pull-down menu shows two grouping options: My grid call is as follows: If the user changes a single cell in col2, the following array elements contain the edit operation, the edited cell value, and the original cell value: Specifies whether to display the page with the current page number, or display page 1, after sorting or resorting the grid.

Cannot be used with the bind attribute. If you omit the attribute in Flash format, the grid sizes automatically.