Mathematician, engineer and inventor Charles Proteus Steinmetz was responsible during the latter part of the 19th and early part of the 20th century for solving a. An electronics genius, Charles Proteus Steinmetz founded the General Electriclaboratory and refined and standardized the study and notation of alternating. Charles Proteus Steinmetz (April 9, – October 26, ) was a German- American mathematician and electrical engineer. He proposed the development of.

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Johns Hopkins Chagles Press, No one before really understood the physics of what they were experimenting with. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Retrieved from ” https: Steinmetz’s work revolutionized AC circuit theory and analysiswhich had been carried out using complicated, time-consuming calculus -based methods. Retrieved 7 February Steinmetz Americanized his name to Charles Steinmetz.

Steinmetz loved automobiles, especially electric and steam powered vehicles. The generator would then function properly.


Type the code shown: Under the tutelage of his employer, Steinmetz became increasingly absorbed in the practical aspects of electrical engineering. Patent, ” System of electrical distribution ” U.

Inventor of the polyphase AC motor. But he was a giant among scientific thinkers, counting Albert EinsteinNikola Tesla and Thomas Edison as friends, and his contributions to mathematics and electrical engineering made him one of the most beloved and instantly recognizable men of his time. Steinmetz was the ‘engineer’s engineer’.

After he departed, GE’s engineers charless a large “X” marked with chalk on the side of the generator casing.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz Biography (1865-1923)

Steinmetz was president of Schenectady’s school board and common council Hysteresis graphed the discovery that protdus him noticed.


One result of Steinmetz’s growing reputation was his employment by General Electric Company in its consulting department. Hammond and J.

He would spend a lot of time in his wood cabin at the banks of the Mohawk River. Henry Ford Visits Steinmetz and is made to wait until he finishes reading his charle children a book, story is told by Kolin Hagar, interview by Larry Hart.

Knowing where to mark chalk “X”: He served as president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in — Steinmetz, a genius in his understanding of electromagnetic phenomena, was brought in as a consultant — not a very common occurrence in those days, as it would be now. See our page on Magnetic Recording fharles to learn more. Relocating to the United Stateshe subsequently developed lightning arrestors for electrical transmission lines, fharles at a law for determining magnetic hysteresis, and invented a simple notation for mathematically describing alternating current circuits.

Steinmetz founded America’s first glider club, but none of its prototypes “could be dignified with the term ‘flight'”.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz | American engineer |

Steinmetz went to work in Yonkers, N. University of Breslau, Union College Publications: Retrieved 21 December Strinmetz from the original on In his sleep, doctors said, his heart had failed.

His parents were graduate students paid by General Electric to live with and take care of the man Ball called “Uncle Steinie”.

His most famous paper was on the theory of hysteresis. General Electric Company various photographers unknownEdison Tech Center Hawkins Electrical Guide The Schenectady Museum MiSci If you are a historian and wish to correct facts or publish a commentary or embedded article feel syeinmetz to contact steimnetz.

They did, and the generator performed syeinmetz perfection. Steinmetz, however, having been given the task of calculating and designing an alternating-current commutator motor and wishing to calculate the hysteresis loss, derived the law of hysteresis mathematically from existing data. Retrieved 8 August But knowing that his deformity was congenital both his father and grandfather were afflicted with kyphosis, an abnormal curvature of the upper spineSteinmetz chose not to marry, fearful of passing on his deformity.


He died of heart failure on October 26, Americans and the Airplane,pp. Patent, ” Induction motor ” U.

Steinmetz thoroughly enjoyed the comparison. Born in in Breslau, Germany now Wroclaw, PolandCarl August Rudolph Steinmetz became a brilliant student of mathematics and chemistry at the University of Breslau, but he was forced to flee the country after the authorities became interested in his involvement with the Socialist Party. Graphics and photos must retain the Edison Tech Center watermark or captions and remain charrles except for sizing.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz – Wikipedia

He discovered the law of hysteresis, which made it possible to reduce the loss of efficiency in electrical apparatus resulting from alternating magnetism; developed a practical method of making calculations of alternating currentthus revolutionizing electrical engineering ; and did valuable research on transient electrical phenomena lightning. She finally agreed after Steinmetz’s assurance she could run the house as she saw fit.

Charles Curtis – pioneer of steam turbines. This method was an example of using proteys aids for engineering the design of machinery and power lines, so that the performance of the electrical system could be predicted in advance without the necessity of going through the expensive and uncertain process of building the system first and then testing stein,etz for its efficiency.