Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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The extent to which we are able to propagate the programme of agrarian revolution among the workers and the petty-bourgeoisie and educate them in it, to that extent they will be educated in political education. For this, peasant militants will have to be taught all tactics, right from setting fire to the houses of class enemies.

It was inaugurated by Comrade D. After he becomes a Party member, the Activist Group must not have any contact with him.

To get out of this terrible situation, the bourgeoisie released the communists and tried to utilise their internal conflicts. So the underground leadership will have to go forward with the work of building a secret Party. The working class and the revolutionary masses should be taught that they should not attack merely for the sake of attacking, but should finish the person whom they attack.

N went on to make a most significant statement in an interview with Swedish Journalists: In India also, in Naga, Mizo, Kashmir and other areas, struggles are being waged under petty-bourgeois leadership.

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The present feature of our age is that the government is fighting every movement by violent attacks. The area in which we are able to organise this gun-collection campaign shall quickly be transformed into a liberated area.

A new revolutionary Party was formed, Krushchov fell from power, and world revisionism charru a terrific blow. To smash all those mistakes in the Party, the Party will today first have to establish its leadership over the mass organisations. So from now on we shall have to help the members of the Activist Groups so that they can fearlessly criticize the leaders of the mass organisations, and their work.

During the last two years, the spontaneous struggles of the petty-bourgeois youths and students have created a stir from one end of India to another. Under no circumstances shall the Communists try to pass the type of struggle acceptable to the peasants as the best.

Comrades, Two events occurred in the world in the era after the Second World War.

Category: Historic Eight Documents (1965-1967)

Even those who fought defying death had also to retreat finally. Or, they are giving cocuments share to jotedars. They will have to abide wit the same norms as non-party members doNow they have to wok under the identity o charuu activist. No stormy wind can put off the light of that Revolution.

On the other hand, we have to expose this traitorous government which has, within seventeen years, turned India into a playground of imperialist exploitation.

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Historic Eight Documents – Wikipedia

The fighting masses found a new dochments of struggle. And this is the manifestation of petty-bourgeois thinking inside the Party. Therefore, the struggle will be protracted. C rejected the idea of of advanced training in guerilla war and proposed that in he course of battle all warfare would be learnt. A mass organization is a organization for documnts partial struggle of the working class,t he party organization is an organization for basic struggle.

As a result, the unarmed peasants could not stand up and resist in the face of arms. To be frank we are not organized in the way we ought to be if we are to function in a revolutionary way.

Works of Charuchandra Mazumdar yuvrajpanthi said. If this cannot be done on a country-wide, State-wide basis, will the peasants wait silently?

A member of the Activist Group should be made a member of the Party as soon as he becomes an expert in kajumdar education and work.

However, much research and facts have shown that this merger is not ideological but is a union of remaining violent armed groups only to survive in different territories of Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.

They think that the work of building a revolutionary party has It also questioned AI.