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I don’t care about private jets or trying to be some Donald Trump type Hi slacker, I place stops based on resistance levels. I sold 2 contracts of bonds at Chick says that the NQ is like the head of the stock market and the Dow is the tail, with godlin ES the body that gets dragged in between.

The idea is to trigger the buy stop effectively an entry order hoslin if the price momentum is shooting up and hopefully the momentum will be enough to catch the sell limit to exit with quick profits. It never came and now sugar has broken through the old resistance levels of about a year ago.

Goslin’s book is one of the few trading books I own that actually are worth reading. Basically the trend supports this trade but the ML does not. Not doing much intraday trading helps enormously with this.


Only issue is with copper which rallied a little bit today. No, create an account now. Also my positions are on the heavy side right now. Can you post a screen shot?

Chick Goslin (Author of Intelligent Futures Trading)

First we are buying on a possible dip. Most day traders would probably balk at that. I liked Goslin book but gosin not remember anyone discussing it on ET before. The TL or trend line, which is a simple 10 week moving average 49 days to be exact, 49 vs 50 is not that significant and is more of a customary thing I got from my mentor than anything else The trend line gives me the overall direction of the market.

I’d have to say he was a huge factor in my trading education. I may go in at market tonight.

My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal | Elite Trader

I will try not to clutter up your journal, but I will most definitely follow along and maybe add a few comments here and there since we both share similar backgrounds as far as trading methods. One contract has been cashed at However I will not let it be that way forever.


If the 3 day average is higher, the line will be somewhere above 0 depending on the magnitude of the difference Vice versa if the 10 day average is higher. Copper sank a little more but nothing eventful. I usually don’t trade that heavy.

After a 3 day rally it fell decently. A dramatic drop in price would change that strategy however.

I devote a lot of time to reading the markets and writing in my journal each day. The stocks performed as planned goslij today.

Chick stopped his letter In early March. I respect your goals and I think that is the way to go in this game. Yen did chock catch my limit order yesterday but I shorted it today at 9.

F H Chick Goslin

The SL is up but because of a 3 day rally which I believe will be cut short soon. With the trend already solidly up this trade has good risk reward. The trend is strongly down in this market.