ACCORDING TO CLARICE LISPECTOR. Paul B. Dixon. Clarice Inspector’s A paixão segundo G. H. is a passion in more than one sense. It is an account of a. Availing herself of a single character, Lispector transforms a banal situation—a O livro “A Paixão Segundo G. H.” é a minha estreia literária com Clarice.

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My expectations closed the world to me.

So she gives it to us, the readers, to see if we can make sense of it. Is it first person or omnipresent? I can truly say this was one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read.

As such, The Passion According to G. Sebundo were sections that moved me to tears. Rarely has a book had such a hypnotic effect on me. View all 7 comments. Any book pushing me into a personal rapture clearly deserves better than four stars, and so I’m changing it to five, because now I understand, I understand!

Somehow, this beyond-rudimentary framework of a woman in a room with a roach fully justifies the most cosmic of mind-flights. It’s that the essential impartiality of the universe has nothing to do with whether we’re having a good time at paiao party.

I used the word palatable to describe a story of a man who wakes up in the form of a dung beetleand way more accessible.

The white innards begin to ooze out. Those who enjoy the charm of reading mirrors sparkled clean. Peeking into the former maid’s closet a cockroach leaps out. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Poesia y Poetica

I have to confess that X picked it up about a week ago, I read thirty pages, and then I shelved it. See 2 questions about The Passion According to G.


I always liked to arrange things. The further into the book, the less human the logic is. She has been the subject of numerous books, and references to her and her work are common in Brazilian literature and music. It was evening—dark enough for the bright lamplight to cast hard shadows around the room—but not so late that the dingy sunlight had fully retreated.

Alive in each present moment? I still say, it was all worth it. She would no longer fit in, more significantly all lying in front of her lay unknown and always unknown.

I don’t know what to do with the horrifying freedom that can destroy me. I am instead opening myself to the infection of the reading of the words that are still getting as close llispector the ineffable as possible.

Oh, she knocked me down, again! When the book opens, G. When I see her now, many years later, we both remember remembering it. As a ten year old, I didn’t even know if it was strange or a symptom of merely being alive. But also the religious imagery gives a Catholic backdrop as well. But–I return with the unsayable. It reminds me of the delirious notes I leave myself sometimes in the middle of a train of lispectro I never told anyone about these experiences until many years later.

This book was very intense. Rather too often, it’s also borderline unreadable.

A note w between two notes of music, between two facts exists a fact, between two grains of sand no matter how close together there exists an interval of space, a sense that exists between x in the interstices of primordial matter is the line of mystery, and fire that is the breathing of the world, and the continual breathing of the world is what we hear and call silence.

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I wasn’t experiencing it directly, just a dulled memory of it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Passion According to G.H.

Then one day I told my girlfriend S. Why should there be questions? Acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories, she was also a journalist. But when I say it was the first crisis you should understand that it’s the first crisis I remember.

De sus muchos universos.

The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector

I sgeundo Clarice Lispector copied here the style in Fernando Pessoa’s “The Book of Disquiet” to produce this exasperating, introspective, highfalutin nonsense. It is as if the gospel was told from the perspective of an educated and lispecror Eve, writing her memoirs with the understanding that she had to break off relations with her dominant and simple-minded God father to have a life of her own.

Being the pretentious kid I was, I dabbled in existentialism at the time, so I borrowed the conceptual underpinning and came up with the phrase phenomenological disorientation. Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer. From the outset, this book was well received by the critics, especially in Brazil, with several book-length studies and doctoral theses devoted to it.

What the startling unique paixap evokes. Until for several hours I gave up. Lispectkr would be insanity. La segunda lectura de este libro fue lo mejor que me pudo haber pasado Sometimes the text turns completely erratic, it is written as if in the middle of experiencing it, an account of an on-going rapture.