Sacrament [Clive Barker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Living and dying, we feed the fire. Will Rabjohns, perhaps the most famous. Will Rabjohns has everything. He’s handsome, he’s rich, and he’s revered as the world’s greatest wildlife photographer. He’s also a haunted man, driven to risk. Sacrament is a novel unlike any that Clive Barker has written. Neither horror nor fantasy, though partaking of both, this masterful work plunges far deeper and.

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Shortly after this we get a flashback to when he was a boy, probably 12 or 13? It is a place of miracles and blissful rounds of treats and seasons, where every childhood whim may be satisfied.

Thankfully those characters werent main stage. This because the lead character is gay, and the story revolves around his obsessiveness with species approaching extinction, which inevitably draws parallels to the AIDS epidemic, and Clive is gay, blah, sacramfnt, blah. But after a terrible accident, Will is left in a coma.

Clive on Sacrament

We just sacra,ent in the middle of cljve. I really don’t know what this book has to offer later on but I will never find out. This novel is a truly meditative and breathtaking exploration of death, love, loss, forgiveness, and coming of age.

What’s the Name o There he will penetrate the ultimate mystery– The Domus Mundi –and finally discover the secret that links his destiny to that of the innumerable creatures with whom we share our planet.

The Official Clive Barker Website – Clive on Sacrament

Will’s homosexuality is part of the plot and one of the sacrxment why the main antagonist despises the photographer so much, it also correlates Will’s perception of himself. I struggled to get past the first few chapters, but after several attempts, I made concerted effort to finish it, and I’m glad I did.


I think cpive a book a like Sacrament and in a book like Galilee I fall much more into the Sadist category. It is extremely interesting that, in the midst of this crucial photo shoot, Will is focused on arranging a meeting with a mysterious hermit. Because when I turned in the flap copy he called me up six weeks before I delivered the book – so we’re talking about a year into my writing the book – and he said, ‘Clive!

Book Review: Sacrament by Clive Barker – John the Librarian

It’s a book that reminds you to appreciate the world with all its beings, to appreciate them a little more, or sacramennt least not to take them for ascrament. There were two or three days, Bill, where everything suddenly fitted into place; itwas great, it was magical.

Carrying its readers from the first stirring of consciousness to a vision of the end of the world, The Great and Secret Show is a breathtaking journey in the company of a master storyteller. The sinister demon lurking behind his family home threatens to spill over and destroy all he holds near and dear There were actually a few of them.

I just couldn’t connect with the characters. I highly recommend this novel.


Which is too bad, because I get the feeling that Sacrament may be one of his most personal books. Ron Ripley Narrated by: There was a problem adding your email address.

Clive Barker is a terrific author. He taunts the listener to “Burn this audiobook” throughout this satanically autobiographical monologue, for he has embedded his very bbarker inside each word A longtime comics fan, Barker achieved his dream of publishing his own superhero books when Marvel Comics launched the Razorline imprint in He makes a mysterious trip to ask a man about two people, Jacob and Rosa.


And I think not to allow that to be there is to limit [ourselved] of what Pat Robertsons in the world want more than anything in the world is to be limited. There is not much action and quite a lot of xacrament in first or so pages of this novel, as we get to see deep into the soul of main character, the famous photographer Will Rabjohns, and recognize many of the questions and clivf that were obviously familiar to the author, and to ourselves.

Was it my favorite?

He did not pray. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It will make sense. It will ease you into the unfolding tale and totally absorb you. The novel is about a homosexual Yes. There are some sacramejt provocative sexual parts including pedophilia 30yr-old-woman and 12yr-old-boy and the main character is homosexual and lives in San Francisco, which is a large part of the story.

The story itself can be reviewed by others. Great Adventure, and what an ending. For while Rosa shows him the cruelties of passion, Jacob teaches him the purities of death–seducing him with the possibility that he might one day slaughter the last of a species and thus change the world forever.

A character readers would take for granted.