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It’s got beefy stats, can be healed massively thanks to lore attribute plus Invocation, his Pestilential Breath attack causes -3 to vvampires as well as causing a S2 hit and it adds that extra “fuck you” to Ogres in the form of terror. Taking this and regular Ccomtes Armor instead of the Armour of Destiny saves you 5 points of Magic Items, which allows you to take that Charmed Shield at the cost of one more point total for your Vamp.

The majority of your points will be invested in just a few models. More importantly, why would you want to bother with Frenzy without the bonuses from Skabscrath? If you play a vampire, you will be part of a vampire gathering.

Your Necromancer’s sole function is to prevent enemy magic and miscast explosions for your Lord and his bunker though the extra die of channeling is a nice perk.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts

Pair it with the Armour of Silvered Steel for best use. His main detriment is that he eats up Rare points, if that doesn’t bother you then go right ahead, otherwise a vampiges built Terrorgheist can do the job just fine though will cost more.

This is the man you want fighting nothing but Goblins and Skaven Slaves if you can possible help it if you’re facing Ogres, you’re in for a world of hurt. That being said those 60 points eat up your options for magic items, so you probably should think hard about other options first.


Wizard level 1 is all you really need for this setup unless you’re playing a game at 3, points.

v7 in Wargames & Role-Playing | eBay

High casting cost though, especially when boosting although successfully boosting this against heavy cavalry will be brutal. Any ranged options in this army are purely magical. They’re differentiated from Strigoi by taking spellcasters at all. Instead, either buy Brettonian knights and adapt them, use Dragon Princes, or, if you’re feeling particularly viciousbreak open some Dark Eldar bitz and use comres for conversion-fodder for damned near any WHFB armored cavalry unit.

Get your brush hand ready ckdex get comfortable as you are going to need a lot of models to field these hordes. Aspect of the Dreadknight: Although 7e removed the previous Bloodline traits, they managed to survive in the way that you can kit out Vampire Lords and Vampires with Vampire upgrades that reflect the various attitudes of the families.

The former can take points, the latter Special is most likely where you’ll spend your time changing your mind, trying to come up with special combos to use. Blood Dragons-style armies rely very heavily on combat resolution.

Grants Fly for 50 points to an option on foot.

As strong as he is, that is your entire Lord budget in an otherwise balanced point army, and below you most likely you don’t have that kind of room for just one model. Vampire hero BSBs can still take this, so there’s also that. With the end times books, especially Archaon, you can build the most game breaking armies.

That being said, Skeleton Warriors are by no code bad. The Flock of Doom: Suicide spell, coupled with Forbidden Lore you can try to whip out a level 6 spell that your opponent cannot try to prevent. You’ll still have 40 points for Nightshroud after this.


I went over this in the magic section but I’ll say it again.

Taking this character over the Vampire makes you lose the Vampire Power options, despite this he’s still 20 points cheaper and has 2 more points of Leadership, so if that downside doesn’t matter then go for it, and at 9 LD he’s very good vvampires preventing crumbling in his unit. The Caress of Laniph: Take an allied aestyrion force, which consists of one prince, with the banner of the world dragon.

Can be useful for taking vampirew enemy movement, otherwise not very effective as your own stats will be far above or far below theirs.

Book army Warhammer choice V8 OOP-Version french | eBay

Run the wolves in front of the Vargheists to screen them so they don’t charge anything you don’t want them to. Lore of Light [ edit ] Taking the spell lore utilized to cleanse the world of the Undead as a Vampire? Take if if you’re on coktes budget with your blender Vampire Lord, but if that’s the case why are you trying to make a blender lord?

He rings in at points. Vampkres trawls shipwrecks to increase the numbers of his minions as well, and has a fleet of ships. They also have the Soulstriders special rule, which allows them to move through unengaged enemy Units both cmotes and enemy during the “Remaining Moves” sub-phase although they can’t end within 1″ of a unit.