Don’t set body and html height to % in stylesheet if you are using cover pages . Set it to 99% instead. Formatting header. You can format bold texts by. Note: Make sure that style sheet is available on a server and provide absolute URL reference. Edit long Confluence pages by parts with InPlace Editor. Note that space stylesheets override the global stylesheet and the changes made in.

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The later sections cover these details about further customisation of your stylesheet theme.

If you’ve already registered, sign in. To edit a space’s CSS style sheets: You can also use the HTML-module on a portal level, this will only affect the portal that it is placed on though.

Styling a single page with CSS

To create a stylesheet theme, you confluenve to first create your custom stylesheet for Confluence. However, please remember that removing the link to a part of the application does not mean that the functionality is not available. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. The only difference is a manifest file generated automatically by the jar command line tool, which is completely unnecessary for your theme to work in Confluence. Paste your custom CSS into the text field.

Creating the descriptor file Each theme plugin needs a plugin descriptor file, called atlassian-plugin. This page explains the facility for changing the look and feel of Confluence with CSS.


Styling Confluence with CSS – NYU Wikis Help Center – NYU Wikis

Be aware of any plans to upgrade your Confluence instance. It is important to test each change that you make and ensure it works as expected in all areas of Confluence — for example, on the Confluence Dashboard as well as on regular pages.

Find my local user group Use my location. Depending on the resolution of the user’s screen, the content should render intelligently. Each page needs to scale. You could also edit all the stylesheets that Confluence uses and insert some special stuff of your own, but. Your style has to work everywhere, not just in the first page you happen to be looking at.

Creating a Stylesheet Theme

Styling a single page with CSS. Learn more about AUGs.

Get fast answers from people who know. If your requirements goes beyond this we would be happy to direct you to one of our consulting partners to help you out further. With conflueence feature enabled, space administrators could upload styles that steal other users’ login credentials, trick their browsers into performing actions on the wiki without their knowledge, or even obtain global administration privileges.

With this feature enabled, space administrators vonfluence upload styles that steal other users’ login credentials, trick their browsers into performing actions on the wiki without their knowledge, or even obtain global administration privileges.

Styling a single page with CSS

It is easy to turn off certain links, headers, or even menu items by simply setting their style to ‘hidden’. Use the element-picker in the inspector tool to locate the element you want to change. The remainder of this document is a walk-through which describes in detail how to create a theme like this from scratch.


You can find the list of supported web browsers and browser versions on this page: Hover stylesheett elements, then click the one you want to target. In order to get you started, we have compiled this introduction, a basic styling tutorial and a more advanced tutorial.

Don’t rely on CSS to disable parts of Confluence.

Styling Confluence with CSS. Once you have a stylesheet and optionally images ready, this guide will show you how to package up your stylesheet for use in Confluence as a theme. Your designs needs to degrade gracefully.

Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian. For this example it will look something like this:. For themes stylwsheet a single stylesheet, the file is very simple.

There are quite a few pages in the browse-space-section, like drafts, labels, page hierarchy, and so on. Follow the examples in the Basic Styling Tutorial to get started. Get the identifier for the element When styleshheet have the selector for the element, add the CSS-property you want to change. As a rule you should test your modifications on the various web browsers supported by Confluence.