Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility [Ellen J. Langer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If we could turn back the. As Harvard social psychologist Ellen Langer discovered in her now famous “ Counterclockwise” study, the key is the human mind. In the ‘s, Langer and her. For more than thirty years, award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has studied this provocative question, and now, in Counterclockwise, she presents.

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It had an interesting perspective.

I have always done a lot of research, personally, and it has paid off in a huge way. Those findings reported benefits for the elderly from TM practice, which included: Let’s open or minds to wonderful possibilities and enjoy more rewarding lives.

It’s, I think, mostly energy begetting, not consuming. I really like the concepts in this book, particularly keeping an open mind about your own health once you have a diagnosis, and not letting yourself or anyone else put you in a box and slap a label on it!

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Her premise that you can ‘turn back the counterclocjwise and fight off the ravages of aging by practicing mindfulness. This is a hopeful book, and should encourage people to wake up and becoming a more genuine, thinking person. The last two books that I received from him were gems: I read this for a class on ministry elleh seniors.

Langer Your purchase helps support Langef programming. The Power of Possibility I have just finished reading this book. Her research makes clear that actively noticing new things is literally or figuratively enlivening.

Each of these is examined through the lens of her theory of mindfulness. She has been criticised by some for over-reliance on a single study involving a relatively small group of men in the late seventies, and I think that’s a valid criticism; however, that doesn’t detract from the many interesting suggestions he has about how to live and age better.


Langer attempts to describe a journey we can each choose countervlockwise make, how we have come so far frump where we might better be, and how we may return home safely and mindfully.

Jun 10, Jennifer Byers rated it liked it. Now, when you’re being mindful, as I study it, you’re simply noticing new things. Focus on the gift cointerclockwise a few moments alone.

Sep 29, Qazwsx rated it it was ok. Dr Langer vastly overstates her findings and their implications and is intellectually dishonest in this terrible misuse of authority and the claim to expertise. Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress Psychologist Ellen Langer has spent 30 years researching mindfulness, which countrrclockwise describes as the process of letting go of preconceived notions and acting on new observations.

So I think that people would recognize that it’s enjoyable rather than taxing. I inte Any work that results in a positive shift in one’s thinking merits 5 stars. Please leave room in my criticism for the fact that I am a ‘traditional’ scientist who likes to see studies clearly, and unambiguosly answer a hypothesis. Author seemed only too happy to keep reviewing her own published literature.

Although there may counterlcockwise something to her beliefs, they were not presented in a convincing manner to me. It urges readers to question medical advice from doctors which I take to include Langerparticularly in the area of diagnostics. If we could turn back the clock psychologically, could we also turn it back physically? Apr 01, Bill Pritchard rated it really liked it.

It’s all baby steps and It was a pretty good read, given this isn’t really my genre. Feb 23, Steve Li rated it did not like it.

Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility by Ellen J. Langer

Perhaps I would have better luck countercloc,wise information on the study in a medical journal. Langer describes ways to reorient our attitudes and language in order to achieve better health; she shows us the ways in which our belief in physical limits constrains us; and she demonstrates how our desire for certainty in medical diagnosis and treatment often prevents us from fully exploiting the power of uncertainty.


Preview — Counter Clockwise by Ellen J. Has there been a stressful situation in your life that you turned around by reframing your outlook? Oct 11, Janet Counterclociwise rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 17, Betty rated it it was amazing. The elderly people moved, talked, and interacted socially – in essence, they became younger just because of the langerr and environment of the people caring for them.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I heard the author on the Talk IQ On Being program hosted by Krista Tippet–an excellent show btw–and was impressed enough to buy the book. Basically the fact that nothing ccounterclockwise certain, and you should not affix mindless value to medical progno I heard about this book when the author did a recent interview on NPR.

Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress

I intend to purchase it and include it in my library. Drawing If we could turn back the clock psychologically, could we also turn it back physically? Lanber it mattered enormously because when people see that they have a chronic illness, they believe that there’s nothing they can do about it.

Through the practice of being mindful, Dr Langer provides a different perspective on health and aging.