call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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Added additional error codes to the list of error codes that raise OperationalError rather than DatabaseError. This attribute specifies the name of the transformation that must be applied after the message is dequeued from the database but before it is returned to the calling application. Call a procedure with the given name.

This constant is used to specify that the subscription has been deregistered and no further notifications will be sent. Added workaround for Oracle bug which returns an invalid handle when the prepare call fails.

Modified test suite so that bit platforms are tested properly. Expiration processing requires the queue monitor to be running. If the parameters are a dictionary, the values will be bound by name and if the parameters are a sequence the values will be bound by position. This should be used in preference to the module, action and clientinfo parameters which are now deprecated.

Eliminate memory leak when repeatedly executing the same query. See the Oracle documentation and the provided sample for more information. They are possible values for the Message.

Add method cancel on connection objects to cancel long running queries. The name parameter is used to identify the subscription and is specific to the selected namespace. The qos parameter specifies quality of service options. This documengation is used to specify that best effort filtering for query result set changes is acceptable. Unfortunately, the Oracle OCI does not doocumentation this to be easily turned on for normal sessions. The return type is specified in the same notation as xocumentation required by setinputsizes.


This is only support for Oracle 9i but is amazingly fast — about times faster than connecting. Added support for using the cursor as a context manager issue This constant is used to specify that the session acquired documebtation the pool should be new and not have any prior session state.

Avoid memory leak when dequeuing from an empty queue. The nencoding parameter is expected to be a string, if specified, and sets the encoding to use for national character set database strings.

Note that parameters that are not passed in during subsequent executions will retain the value passed in during the last execution that contained them. Added missing type check to prevent coercion of decimal to float issue Added support for a new keyword parameter called twophase on connections. It is used within Oracle Transaction Guard as a means of ensuring that transactions are not duplicated. Add support for externally identified users; to use this feature leave the username and password fields empty when connecting.

It is a string attribute and cannot be set to None — use the empty string instead. Removed -mno-cygwin compile flag since it is no longer used in newer versions of the gcc compiler for Cygwin. This read-only attribute specifies the list of variables created for the last query that was executed on the cursor.


This write-only attribute specifies what type of messages should be enqueued.

Welcome to cx_Oracle’s documentation! — cx_Oracle documentation

Thanks to Geoffrey Weber for the initial patch. Added support for binding a LOB value directly to a cursor. A smaller number indicates a higher priority.

Currently 2, which means that threads may share the module and connections, but not cursors. Only messages matching the consumer name will be accessed. This attribute specifies the name of the transformation that must be applied before the message is enqueued into the database. The errors can then be retrieved using getbatcherrors. Added support for getting array DML row counts new in Oracle 12c. Dequeue Documwntation Modes Documentqtion Queuing: This constant is cx_ooracle to specify that database change notification or query change notification messages are to be sent.

By default, cursors are not scrollable, as the server resources and response times are greater than nonscrollable cursors. It will be supported with a future version of Oracle Client libraries. The default value of 0 indicates that the subscription never expires.

Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

This constant is used to specify that notifications cx_lracle be sent when a queue has messages available to dequeue. False positive notifications may be received. Added support for closing a session pool via the function SessionPool.