storia di storie. Il Nuovo Sudafrica dieci anni dopo l’apartheid, Dalla Englishness alla Britishness, (); she co-edited Discorsi culturali in. The Island Race: Englishness, Empire and Gender in the Eighteenth Century ( London: settlers from around the world While the Dallas family served British-style plum Alla Myzelev and John Potvin (Farnham: Ashgate, ), Gualtieri started her research career on Victorian literature, British colonial writing of ); Dalla Englishness alla Britishness,

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They knew they had a duty to justify their brief and the licence feeand so the BBC Department of Listener Research conducted weekly research for audience figures. There were of course non-white British musicians with high profiles in the jazzy world then, but they were scattered throughout the overwhelmingly white-run English music marketplace.

London and eventual work with the Ken Johnson Band were similarly a magnet for alto and tenor saxophonist Louis Stephenson.

It is tragic that, despite financial consideration from Decca Records and Jack Hylton, the ballet was not filmed or recorded on stage, although, to be fair, there was no standard practice for such documentation of staged shows at the englishmess. Tilbury was both a main grain reception port and, because of a convenient rail link to London, a popular capital-area hub for holiday cruise liners.

Sowande had previously had the honour of recording numbers from the stage hit Blackbirds of for HMV. Although a prodigious student while at Kneller Hall, Leslie opened his ears to the London music scene.

The established top bands had first call of the major music publishers, usually via their record companies. There were of course African-American jazz musicians who frequented Europe and at this time the clarinettist-bandleader Willie Lewis was riding high with his band on the European Continent. This schtick would eventually dawn on the first popular white American swing band, the Casa Loma Orchestra, an outgrowth of the earlier Jean Goldkette Orchestra, which mastered dreamy but danceable ballads before they finally got the knack for up tempo numbers.


His teacher was that respected African-American choreographer Buddy Bradley, who had a strong c. His unpublished autobiography details the life of precarious but rewarding employment, leaping from one job to another.

They made records and a broadcast, and heard Coleman Hawkins in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, serious examiners of the new jazz and dance band phenomenon had a quick and arduous learning curve to understand the phenomenon.

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This band was popular on the BBC during the war, attracting over five-million listeners on a broadcast. It is agreed that I defer my visit to the evening of Tuesday, 29 November. The Johnson players themselves were squeezed-in like tinned sardines, just to the side of the white grand piano, which enlgishness course took up the space of a handful of musicians and their hand-held instruments.

Pitterson became an important British bebop player of the early s, making several BBC broadcasts but, according to early bop drummer Laurie Morgan, he was never quite accepted in the famous Club XI beboppers scene in the capital and was rarely recorded. And he also used his youngest brother Laurie Deniz in combos from time to time. The rest of the Ken Johnson stars were not inactive during this period.

After completing his eighteen-month education, Thompson returned to Jamaica where his local battalion was merged with the survivors from the war-weary BWIR. They were unjustly exclusionary. Thompson said he could only find one good black trombonist when he was forming the Ken Johnson-fronted orchestra. And you think London is a zoo today? The essays explore different experiences of, and responses to, sea crossings, borders and checkpoints, cultural proximity and distance, race, ethnicity, and memory, along with creative responses to the same.

This was an era when, given a hit song, the published music would out-sell recorded versions. A session fee was all that they received.

Larger than small groups, these small orchestras were obviously able to play eng,ishness large ballrooms as well as theatres in an era before microphones came into use. Ironically, the Cardiff-cultured Frank Deniz helped to whet the white British appetite for Caribbean music in the years before the Windrush generation were able to disseminate those flavours with an alternate island authority.


Gualtieri, Claudia [WorldCat Identities]

The latter, like all units on every side, took heavy losses but the West India Regiment maintained strictly a local profile in non-warring, poor Jamaica. When Hatch tried to put the touch on Kunz, Stephenson squashed that idea while insulting Hatch in the process.

Almost a month later, the April 1st front page of the Chicago-published Down Beat ran news of the killings, even though the Snakehips band was virtually unknown in America, not having released any records there. Leslie found himself a trumpet star in the Jewish social function set, as drummer George Elrick would soon do when he emigrated from Scotland.

His career path was typical of the strivers of his time and place: Louis Stephenson may not have been a very top level player but he made up for it in fire and pride. His reputation was rising and he was a late addition to the legendary, uncompromising, short-lived and otherwise all-white British swing band, The Heralds of Swing; but despite encouraging press in the Melody Maker pages ofthey never got a recording contract.

As it happened, his main place of work was the Round Reading Room in the original British Library component of what is now solely the British Museum. It was customary for swing band musicians to get extra money for recording sessions but these rates were frozen for years and did not take inflation or wartime britishhness business profits into account.