1.) Define DB2. DB2 is a Database Management System for the MVS Operating System where, DB2 is a subsystem of MVS Operating System. A.6 I had DB2 V on Windows after which I uninstalled it and then. IBM DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers. Mainframe DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions, FAQs. What is online reorg/offline?.

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How many sub queries can you combine together? How can one determine the status of a tablespace? Usually, which is more important for DB2 system performance Is there any advantage to denormalizing DB2 tables?

Suppose I have a program which uses a dynamic SQL and it has been performing Diff between import and load?

IBM DB2 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows – United States

Intdrview happens to the PLAN if index used by it is dropped? When first setting up and then later maintaining a database, what would be your main concerns with backup? What are some characteristics of columns that benefit from indexes? Tell us something about DB2 memory structure root is Instance shared memory, below that is Database shared memory; within each Database there is Application Group shared memory, then each Agent has private memory.


For standard maintenance how would you use runstats and reorgs? What Utility is used to migrate DB2 from one release to the next? Post a Comment Your email is never published nor shared. What is the significance of DB2 free space and what parameters control it?

In an SQL table that is embedded, what is the procedure to retrieve rows that inferview part of a DB2 table? Performance Describe operating system metrics you would check for performance problems, and what numbers might indicate a problem.

How do you insert a record with a nullable colunm? The buffer pool is a reserved main storage, which is to satisfy the buffering requirements for one or more table spaces or indexes. What are the various locking levels available? Which DB2 command is used to retireve environmental information? What is a DB2 plan?

At pre-compile time, the table or view descriptions are then used to check the validity of SQL statements. Will the lock be released after I am done with that page? There is a certain point in a program at which DB2 ydb or perhaps releases the locks against tables as well as table-spaces.


When is the skeleton cursor table created? What are the isolation levals possible? What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL? What is filter factor?

DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers

This should also be matched with plan ID. What is normalization and what are the five normal forms? If not, then what is the point of using it? What are foreign keys? What is an access path? What is the function of the Data Manager? What is the difference between join and union? What will the DB2 optimizer do?