Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons () was the third of the monster splatbook for D&D 4e (), following Draconomicon: Chromatic. This article is a stub. You can help D&D4 Wiki by expanding it. Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons is a 4th edition supplement released in November Dungeons & Dragons (3-Volume Set) (TSR, ),; ^ Gygax, Gary. Monster Manual (TSR Lisa (). A Practical Guide to Dragons.

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The dragon has three main large horns protruding from each cheek, pointing back towards the tail.

Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

In human form, a steel dragon always has one steel-gray feature, such as hair, eyes, or nails. This same breath coalesces into a smoky serpent that attacks at the dragon’s command. All brass dragon lairs have several small entrances, known as bolt holes. Several other sorcerer kings had been rumored to be dragons, but all others were only in a process of being transformed into a dragon type being, unique to the Athas world, which took several long stages to complete, but became greatly powerful if achieved.

The silver dragon enjoys the company of humans and elves so much that it will often take the form of a human or elf and live among them for the majority of its life. Izslozne rated it liked it Jun 08, At that time, all gold dragons congregate and choose the next leader of their kind.

Like most metallic dragons, silvers do not enjoy combat, and are averse to killing.

Metallic dragon

Upon entering, visitors find themselves in a huge labyrinth of tunnels. Eric rated it really liked it Mar 17, Gem dragons are typically of neutral alignment. The hierarchy, from highest to lowest, is iron, chromium, cobalt, tungsten, and nickel. Other creatures with the dragon type include drakes, felldrakes, elemental drakes, landwyrms, linnorms and wurms.

In the Forgotten Realms a good-aligned red dragon is involved against his will in the Fall of the elf city of Myth Drannor. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Metallic dragon – Wikipedia

Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Bronze wyrmlings hold a strong sense of responsibility from the moment it leaves the egg- one that causes it to seek out purpose as thoroughly as it hunts for sustenance.

David Keffer rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Gold dragons dislike killing, but they do not hesitate to do so if it is necessary in order to defeat an evil foe. Unlike wyverns they are sentient. They have a strong mercenary streak and often agree to serve as guardians or battle champions for anyone willing to pay suitably well.

Chromatic dragons are usually of evil alignment. For good dragons this lust for treasure is tempered, although they are certainly not averse to earning such wealth, and still appreciate gifts while being insulted if offered an obvious bribe.

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Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) – Wikipedia

The lair will also have a concealed back entrance for use in emergencies. Trivia About Draconomicon 2: They also like to relocate a foe to a remote location where it can do no harm when possible. Typical rooms in a gold dragon’s lair include a main hall, a banquet hall, a resting chamber, a study, a kitchen, a lobby, a storage room, and perhaps even a lavatory.

Orium dragons live in jungles dragond rainforests in the ruins of past civilizations.

They resemble more the eastern-type dragons being long and serpentine with leathery wings. Brian Michaluk rated dragpns really liked it Jul 22, Wizards of the Coast. Like all other draconic powers, they gain more as they grow older. A newly hatched bronze wyrmling appears yellow with a tinge of green, and the scales will gradually shift to bronze as it matures.

Silver dragons do not feel the need draconomicin a strict social structure, since they are most content to live as honestly as possible.

The ten dragon types were given pseudoscientific names as follows: They spend the bulk of their lives in human form, seeking out evil and punishing wrongdoers to the best of its considerable abilities.

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Dragons are apart from civilization, which is mostly concentrated on the continent of Khorvaire. They smell like hot, oiled metal. They routinely use their special abilities to infiltrate human society, typically masquerading as sages, scholars, wizards, and other intellectuals. Endlessly curious about the art, culture, history, and politics of civilized races, steel dragons live among humans and similar beings. Additionally, silvers and Reds favor the same sort of mountainous terrain for lairs, which leads to territorial disputes on top of having attitudes and philosophies at odds with the others’.

Their ability to dramatically slow opponents often gives them ample time to run away. Dragons are immersed in the Draconic Prophecy, a legend which all bits of information are scattered throughout the world and that the outcome is unknown.

They have no biological relationship to mammals. A typical copper dragon’s lair is a cave, whose entrance is concealed by rocks and boulders.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Both draconomcion tend the eggs, and then take intense interest in their wyrmlings’ care and education. This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate.

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An unrelated creature called a dragonne is named for its coincidental resemblance to a brass dragon. A brass dragon’s lair is well-constructed and quite extensive, with many twisting corridors and dead ends to confuse and discourage hostile intruders. Anyone caught in the area must save vs. They prefer to make their lairs in an island volcano, if possible. Dragons also consider themselves superior, treating all other races as inferior.