Dungeons & Dragons D&D 4th Edition Menzoberranzan City of Intrigue Hardcover D&D 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Council of Spiders 2. Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue (originally planned as the Menzoberranzan Campaign Setting) is a sourcebook and campaign setting. Menzoberranzan was possibly the most well known drow city in Faerûn. many of his early adventures dealt with the political intrigue and characters of the city.

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Which is a good thing I believe, there is intrigye theme support through Dragon magazine and the previous sourcebook, Into the Unknown. Their father these drows have a patriarchal societythe House Patron, was the unifying figure that acted as the carrot, the primary quest-giver and benefactor, using them to further the many agendas of their House.

City of Intrigue By Morrus in forum Reviews.

So while the house was of a fity rank, the PCs well, the wizard and the replacement PCs actually gained. Get your players on the same page as you, and create a solid, plausible in-game reason for them to cooperate instead of backstabbing each other, citt you should be golden. It is a great resource, and includes excellent maps of the Oc. Wednesday Boychibi graz’zt gave XP for this post. The party will be primarily composed of mercenaries, not nobles, but could be nobles from houses that have been destroyed.

You may want to use the milestone XP method. Overall this is probably the least interesting section of the book for GMs as those with experience will discard much of the high level description of districts in order to create their own customized experiences for the players while those new to running an RPG will feel the lack of overall depth to the chapter leaves them with only straws to grasp at.

Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue Review and Competition | Breakfast for Owlbears

Even the Forgotten Realms book was deliberately vague on past events. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Finally, Menzoberranzan embraces all the Forgotten history of the Realms see what I did there? Not to give too much away, but it deals with a threat to the drow that also envelops surface races.

Some of us run campaigns, they last years. Oh look, WotC have released a campaign book, how convenient. Thursday, 8th Oof, Valiant Entertainment Comics for December 19th, Seeking advice on managing a drow group of characters and curious to know what has worked, what has not.

Any internet articles I should check? As others have mentioned, the most important is to have players that are on the same page regarding how an evil campaign should run. Please enter your comment!

It’s an excellent module and it’s perfect for an all-drow campaign. It was a very fun experience. Fill in your details below or click intribue icon to log in: You have entered an incorrect email address!

There was a betrayal All PCs barely ihtrigue and back at “home base”, the party wizard cast fireball on the room he had a ring of Fire Resistance killing 2 PCs, and knocking one unconscious, and then used the relic to menzobetranzan their House Matron that was clearly relic caused and then used teleport to return the relic and teleported back.

Also if your gaming gang is up for playing drow, or evil characters in general, this is a great addition to your collection. Menzoberranzan uses a power ranking system that I think is easy to adapt for 5e, and iirc killing fellow drow in Menzoberranzan is frownded upon unless you can guarantee no witnesses and it advances your standing. Specifically, I know now I have two years in ciry I could run a campaign, start to finish, and still make it in time for the new edition.

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I did a similar thing it was Vault of the Drow 1E era and we played it more like Mafia houses and menzoberrajzan corrupt government everyone is in the mafia. First off, the pricing seems a bit steep for the page count. Make sure everyone has the same goals as players of the game, if not as characters. When I ran something like this, I had the PC’s hail from a merchant house. The book treats the Drow houses as campaign factions, suggesting to include three in the forefront of your game for a good amount of intrigue.


Effectively a color version of the first one, it comes with location markers that point to certain places within the book, becoming a handy reference for the DM or players. We play them every week. City of Intrigue By M. I like the idea of a session 0, and it could be a good place to set these ground rules and expectations.

I was mostly impressed with the information on all the Drow houses. Almost all of the recent DnD books, even the DM ones have recently featured themes, and this is not the case now.

Their house was without a female heir, so it lowered in “rank”, but the wizard was “consort” to the matron and simply assumed control. The module is somewhat infamous for a particularly nasty trap right in the beginning.

You can find new Free Android Games and apps. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Obviously the book offers suggestions for running a drow campaign but Im looking for other sources and actual play DM advice that has worked. True betrayal ie killing off a PC should be rare to non-existant: This book goes hand in hand with the Book of Vile Darkness.

Marvel Comics for December 19th, Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers: It came matter-of-factly, as if not really that important. I don’t have the 2e boxed set, but I’ll start hunting for it, thanks!!

Friday, 12th October, The little explored Northdark could lead to a lot of really fun adventures and I found this chapter to be a welcome addition which gamers will appreciate. City of Intrigue to my readers.