The Dell EqualLogic™ PSXV storage array is designed to provide exceptional performance for your organization with up to TB of high- performance. Performance where and when you need it. The EqualLogic PSXV continues the EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly with capacity.1 With up. Performance and capacity where and when you need it. The EqualLogic PSXV ” continues the. EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly.

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IPv4, IPv6 core support. You have no items in your basket. With intuitive SAN-centric and VMware-centric navigation and a built-in scheduler, the VMware administrator can simply and flexibly set snapshot creation schedules of individual virtual machines, groups of virtual machines, or even all virtual machines in a VMware data center, coordinating snapshot creation across all SAN-based volumes upon which the virtual machines reside.

Used Cisco Networking Hardware. Flexible viewing options range from high-level group summaries to sophisticated analyses, including detailed statistics on performance, latency, capacity, volumes, and network activity.

Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV

EqualLogic PS Series arrays use industry-standard protocols, disk drives, and network interfaces to provide low connection costs and high performance access to data.

Snapshots can be used for quick recovery and offloading backup operations.

With a few simple steps and without special expertise, administrators can deploy an enterprise-class SAN seamlessly, without eqyallogic. This new support portfolio is focused on your needs, time demands and budgets.

Please contact us at info ecsunix. Items are fully tested and professionally packaged to ensure functionality on arrival. Please contact us and we will FAX or Email you a credit application. Tiering and pooling The EqualLogic tiering capability enables administrators to equal,ogic applications within a SAN by placing them on separate storage resources, each optimally configured for the required service level of the application.


Fedex offer a standard Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm shipping service. The PS Series addresses branch office and SMB storage needs with simplified administration, rapid deployment and an affordable price, while providing a full set of enterprise-class data protection and management features, solid performance, scalability and fault-tolerance.

Each group member is automatically configured and participates in balancing the fell, distributing dekl, and tracking host access to data, without requiring user intervention—helping keep storage management simple, regardless of scale. Dell Data Management Services can help customers design, implement, manage and maintain storage infrastructures that satisfy data availability, retention and recovery requirements.

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Any standards-compliant iSCSI initiator. Powerful application data protection Peer integration facilitates the deployment, ongoing management, and protection of EqualLogic SANs in Microsoft Windows environments and Eqkallogic environments. EqualLogic Host Software extends the functionality of the array-based software enabling cooperation with the host. Automatic failover and failback functions enable non-disruptive testing of the disaster recovery deployment in addition to facilitating continuous access to data.

Dell EqualLogic PSXV – Reliant Technology

Mission Critical – Perfect for server and storage environments where avoiding unplanned downtime and reducing recovery time through priority response are a must. All EqualLogic storage products include host integration tools to simplify operation in Microsoft Windows, Linux and VMware environments. The result is an intelligent storage array that can deliver rapid installation, simple management, and seamless expansion. Advanced thin provisioning helps make buy-as-you equalogic storage management and virtualization seamless for servers and applications.


Overseas deliveries may be subject to local import taxes or duties, which the customer shall be liable for. The EqualLogic advanced software features enables IT professionals to: Because capacity expansion in PS Series arrays is non-disruptive, administrators can add storage resources while applications remain online.

Expansion is linear, enabling administrators to scale not only disk drives but also controllers, ports, cache, and equalllogic as the environment grows.

Used Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV 2.5″ iSCSI SAN

Available drive offerings may vary by system configuration. Speed up deployment Supply necessary expertise for correct installation Minimize disruptions to your business Training Comprehensive Training Get the skills you need to keep pace in today’s competitive IT environment with comprehensive training courses.

equalloyic The redundancy of the design eliminates single points of failure, helping to provide greater than Storage pz4100xv costs and explosive data growth are top concerns for organizations—large and small.

Auto-replication EqualLogic’s auto-replication remotely replicates data from one PS group to another over a standard IP network over long distances, helping provide high levels of data protection and disaster tolerance. Twelve 12 15K SAS hot-pluggable hard drives. Peer control offers virtualized storage management with a single view.