8 DVD course in shedding fat and building muscle at home. Includes user manual with workout descriptions, and workout log to keep track of your exercise . DeltaFit Speed Shred Workout From Hell Workout DVD Review. How fitting that I would do the Workout From Hell on Halloween! If you follow. Speed Shred from Men’s Health Delta FIT. Get lean, blast fat, transform your body . 8 DVD’s with fitness workouts to get you in the best shape of your life.

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The next one adds a pushup and so on. The workout totally flew by for me.

deltafit speed shred or p90x – Forums

My days tend to be a bit busy now at my new job and with a long hr commute from work I don’t want to leave the house once I pick up my girl and get home. That also included to me adding 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill after the workouts and doing the weight lifting workouts mon-wed, thursday kenpo x which I thought was pretty gay, friday do a full body workout heavy reps 2 sets each which consisted of standing barbell military press, barbell curls, squats, flat bench, skull crushers and weighted dips.

BJ finishes the workout in his true to form goofy style by doing a minute of squats with the medicine ball.

This will indeed be the workout from Hell! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The workout ends with an on the step lateral burpee done on one end of the step to a jump rotation and then you complete a burpee on the other side of the step. BJ throws the tools in to add some options.


It was designed, developed and presented by BJ Gaddour.

My overall goal is fat loss not to get beastly I want to be at but I see more attainable. Notify me of new comments via email. I’m sure I would’ve won because I know deltafti form and how to properly lift and keep the muscle flex during the lift for greater muscle hypertrophy. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

Email required Address never made public. This entry was posted on October 31, at 8: After that you do a burpee and then jump onto the step.

This workout was totally a change-up for me.

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Results 1 to 2 of spedd. Examples of the progressions are: While I have done a lot of the variations in this workout in other workout DVDs, I had never done a complete hour of just burpees.

Mean’s Health Delta Fit Speed Shred The 8 DVD Program

Where the mind goes, the body follows. My current stats are 5″11 at with all the fat concentrated on my midsection. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


He also throws in some burpees with kicks, punches, lunges and lateral lunges. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I tried the p90x 3 years ago due to a bet to see who will look better in xeltafit months he worked out in the gym and I at home.

The hunger to get beastly has vanished deotafit long time ago and just lost interest in working out. Has anyone tried the deltafit speed shred and did the whole program?

DeltaFit Speed Shred Workout From Hell Workout DVD Review | mistransformation

I like the idea that I can bang it out in 30 minutes and move on with my day. I went up to week 8 and the other party backed out of the bet so I stopped working out and also due to I started to date my current girlfriend.

Which each session is 30 minutes of fast pace fat burning exercises. When BJ was doing his little beginning monologue and he said that this workout was going to feature one movement only: Which of the 2 dvd programs should I commit to for the next 3 months? I was pleasantly surprised.

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