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Open the north door and enter that corridor. You broke the spell! What happened to her!? What will I do?! The tentacles are the main problem since they will almost always eventually catch Travis.

And it was their idea? Place the Moon Totem on the left square hole next to the door and the Sun Totem on the right square hole next to the door. What’s really going on. You can also use the target pistol to kill hil enemies.

That’s what you do with pests. Save your game then leave the Diner by stepping out the east door. It moves with its back hind legs stretched in front sielnt it and you need to pay attention to the position of the hind legs to see when it is about to perform its ground pound attack.

Who’d I just pass there? Run to the southwest end and pick up the Health Drink lying on the vent.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Catch ya later, buddy. This boss can be defeated with melee attacks as well. Did she make it? Enter the corridor to the southwest and make your way all the way back to the First Floor Middle Lobby. The people in the mirrors.

Head to the northeast and open up the next few doors while heading east and staying along the corridors. A cutscene will play once Travis steps outside. Sprinter – Finish game in under 2 hours.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

The door at that end eilent locked from the dstonado side, so open the door to the north. Lisa approaches Travis and puts her arms around him Lisa: Be careful about moving too close to a wall since the camera will likely not move directly behind Travis while his back is directly against a wall. Interact with the mirror in the northeast portion of the room to go to Otherworld. A young boy looks toward the back of the room. Open the door to the first floor – the second floor door is locked.


Open the set of sileny to the southwest. Sounds so easy, yet remember all the trouble that James went through in Silent Hill 2 to get to Mary’s room – well, Travis has to go through the same amount of torture.

Let’s get the hell out of this crazy town Run from all the Straight-jackets. Lying to the left of the bed with the body on it Theater Program Page Area: The best time to hit this boss is when he recovers from his blood spray attack or while he attempts to bite Travis while Travis is at a distance – make sure to attack with a firearm.

I wouldn’t advise using Travis’ bare fist, but it can be done with enough determination. Go back to the Men’s Dressing Room then touch the mirror to go back to Otherworld. The first storage room to the east in this corridor can be opened, but it only contains a mirror and you do not want to go back to the normal world just yet. On the table next to the jukebox Washing Machine Guide Area: After walking up to the burned girl — Travis notices a burned girl on the floor and walks up to her Alessa: I don’t know, they just were.

It may actually enter the bathroom with Travis.


This marks the fourth time I have wrote a guide for my favorite genre horror. Miss the second button press and The Butcher will instantly kill Travis with a cleaver impale no matter how much health Travis currently has. Use the Hunting Rifle or any other firearm to attack it from a distance. That was my house How is this even possible? Use the Wedding Ring on the slot while standing in front of the Rotary Calendar.

What happened last night? Take the Spear from the bed frame and the Health Drink in the toilet of the bathroom then exit.

I’ve always hated you! If you remember, when we went through the Greenfield Apartments, there was a mailbox in the front area that was overflowing with mail and the apartment number on the mailbox was highlighted in a light blue color upon examining it.

In the office on the left side of the building Shop Note Area: Move around the left corner and walk over to the side with the burnt figure lying in a red circle surrounded by candles. Look for the hole in the far wall and interact with it then enter it. Long story short, stay at a distance from The Butcher and fire at him with a powerful weapon rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, redeemer.

Once you enter the Riverside Motel then you are stuck in that area for quite some time without the ability to return to the streets.