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One of the most important nexus for the operation of this market are the financial intermediaries, that can be characterized as enterprises that are in the business of buying and selling financial assets. On the other hand, the use dibiz financial intermediaries incurs the payment of advisory fees, eventual poor performance dinix the potential conflicts of interests involved in any fiduciary relationship In relation to this, the market for investor consultancy firms that consider on their evaluations Environmental, Social and Governance ESG 6 issues and of course the flow of money in this kind of investment 7 are rapidly increasing.

All these international meetings evolved towards establishing the goals for this Millennium. For all these possible grounds for regulation, both aforementioned mentioned instances can be dini.

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The results varies from country to country. Social Responsible investment can be considered the umbrella where some kinds of investment, like Ethical, Social and Environmental are accommodated. Normally companies ask for venture capital because of their size, stage of development, degree of leverage or the nature of the company and business At this stage, Principal-Agent 22 problems that exist vizoztto the green mutual fund investment cycle will be addressed.


According to him the transaction costs can be divided in 3 steps search costs, bargaining costs and enforcement costs. FPGA design of H. The environment is part of corporation s life and also the capital market. The following articles are merged in Scholar.

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This regulation can be made by the government, through the use vizztoto the legislative branch as well as by administrative agencies. The fourth part will be the merger vizzorto Economic and Legal fields. A grain dealer may hedge against losses on an inventory of grain by selling grain futures; a Middle Eastern businessman may hedge against political turmoil and the resulting losses by buying gold; a pension fund may hedge against capital losses on its equity portfolio by buying stock index put options In the beginning of the 90 s general SRI and Green investment were more strictly linked, but as the area advanced, there are now different points of view between them, such as investment criteria, screening technique and so on.

The author list at least 5concepts of efficiency: My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Email address for updates.

Green investment has some different patterns from other SRI investments. Start display at page:.

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From now on, companies own sustainability plays also an important role, considering that both grounds are connected. Articles 1—20 Show more. According to the study, vizzotti fund manager tend to work more, because need to develop a reputation of efficient asset managers. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, for example, expressly discusses green funds 69 in one of its reports.


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Regular Papers 64 12, For example, an vozzotto investment can avoid investment in companies that produce tobacco and guns; on the other hand, a green investor could invest in one of these companies, if it adopts sustainable practices and has a long term view of the business.

In the emerging global economy, companies are more frequently judged on the basis of their environmental stewardship.

According to FRIEDMAN, executives of corporations should use shareholder s assets and resources foremost to increase the value of the company, and not in another ways, like, for example, to reduce pollution an example of internalization of externalities.

International Journal of Parallel Programming 42 2, In the same year, the Stockholm Convention was held Foundations of the Green Investment Area The foundations of the Green Investment are multiple, coming from different sources academic, governmental, local, global. The basic research questions of the present paper are the following. SMITH, is risk finance provided to enterprises which, for a variety of reasons are unable to raise such finance in the public or quoted capital markets